Pro-Begich super-PAC goes after GOP Senate candidate Sullivan again on HB 77

Here’s another attack ad from the pro-Mark Begich super-PAC, Put Alaska First, focusing on HB 77, which was one of the most controversial bills introduced in the state Legislature recently. The rap on it is that it proposed to give unprecedented powers to the DNR commissioner to issue permits. At the time of its drafting, Dan Sullivan was the DNR commissioner. The public came out in droves to testify against it and the bill died in the Senate. This is the second ad Put Alaska First has made featuring HB 77. The first featured a moose hunter. This one feautres the well known former Democratic lawmaker Sam Cotten.


7 thoughts on “Pro-Begich super-PAC goes after GOP Senate candidate Sullivan again on HB 77

  1. John Smith

    HB77 was a bill requested by Governor Parnell, and Commissioner Sullivan worked on it at the Governor’s request. Eventually the bill died during the legislative process. One thing that should be remembered though is that the Governor himself requested the withdrawal as well. The point is that the legislative process worked. We can argue the merits or demerits of the bill all day, and there are good arguments on either side of the debate, but in the end it failed. Taking the entire process, from formulation to introduction to debate in committee, and then simply cut it down to a catch phrase that “Sullivan doesn’t care about Alaskan’s” is quite frustrating and yet another example of the disingenuous nature of today’s politics.

  2. Mae

    L48 Dan should just go back to Maryland. HB77 will follow him around like a fly attracted to crap.
    Seriously, this is the guy who’s first ad says he is “always fighting for Alaska”.
    I think not. Just look at HB77. Total farce.

  3. Andy

    Cotten was a master at campaigning in Eagle River in the 1980s. I lived in his district in the House and then Senate and he was remarkably direct, honest and his wooden (hand painted) blue and gold signs attracted attention. His good looks and resonating voice, and the message (whether you agree or not) – this is a well-thought, crisp message.

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