6 thoughts on “Quote of the day: Palin critiques Obama’s wardrobe.

  1. elaine

    I don’t know a single Alaskan who wants to hear Ms. Palin’s opinion about anything. Let’s keep the focus on what is relevant.

  2. Mae

    Having brain matter counts. No matter what you wrestle or wear.
    If no brain matter exists, then you quit, go hang out in the tanning bed and eventually pillage your kids closets looking for a outfit that resembles a Barbie doll, found in the free bin at a thrift store.

    It is obvious, The Quitter can’t let go of losing in 08.
    I’m hoping she goes on another bus tour of historical sights.
    The last one was really entertaining.
    She needs to take that bus to the holy city (Jerusalem) next time.
    Other than that, The Quitter looked and acted high as a kite in the Hannity interview.

  3. Juneauite

    Can the legislature pass a bill making Sara Palin the “official embarrassment” of the state? If so, I would encourage it!

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