Romney endorses Parnell

Former presidential contender Mitt Romney endorsed Gov. Sean Parnell in a radio spot released by Parnell’s campaign today.

“It’s an honor to receive Mitt Romney’s endorsement,” Governor Parnell said. “Like Governor Romney, I have fought to create more economic opportunity and strengthen our families. I thank Governor Romney for his endorsement and look forward to his visit to Alaska next week.”

Details of that visit are to follow.

Romney got about 55 percent of the Alaska vote in 2012, to Obama’s 41 percent, and is still presumably popular with Republicans in this state.

Listen to the radio spot here:


6 thoughts on “Romney endorses Parnell

  1. AH HA

    It used to be a favorite saying here in Alaska that Happiness was seeing a Texan going home with an Okie under each arm.

    Lately I’ve been hearing people say Happiness is seeing Cruz going home with somebody from Wasilla under each arm.

  2. AG

    Sooo, because you consider Romney to be a RINO and he is endorsing Parnell you will be voting for Walker?

  3. Straitlaced Radical

    I’m no huge fan of Romney, but I think one thing he and Parnell have in common is an unfair characterization and demonizing from a lot of media outlets in their races. National polls show what can be interpreted as some buyer’s remorse with Obama by now. Had he been elected, Romney couldn’t have done worse, and likely would have done better by at least a little.

    Plus, Romney coming in and supporting a real Republican candidate gives folks some rational balance to the vindictive Palin endorsement. Would be interested to see who Cruz would endorse in the gov race, and what Palin would have to say about that.

  4. Shame on You

    @LS: When are you going to wake up from your sheepdog? If Romney is a conservative then I’m the queen of England. Get real guy, the word conservative is totally and utterly warped. Romney is a RINO, in fact Romney is so much more of a progressive that he is to the LEFT of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Seriously? Get a clue. Reagan was a conservative. Romney is a liberal in Republican clothing.

  5. LS

    I am a voter who voted for Romney and not Obama and I am glad Romney is coming to Alaska to endorse and support Parnell for Governor! His trip to Alaska emphasizes the importance of every conservative vote.

  6. JR

    Mitt Romney knows nothing about Alaska or our issues. Of course he’s going to read a script like a good soldier for his party, but why? What voters hear this and think, “HEY! That’s Mitt Romney and if HE supports Parnell, then I should too!” There’s nothing that Alaskans hate more than outsiders coming in and trying to tell them what to do. Go back to the lower 48.

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