Run Gabrielle Run

Love or hate her politics, for those who know Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, there’s probably one thing that most will agree on – – she can run and win. She ran for Mayor of Kodiak and won. She ran for the state House from Kodiak and won. Then, she moved to Anchorage and ran for the Legislature and won and raised more money for that race than anybody else running for state House. (She did lose against Don Young. But then again who hasn’t?)

She’s a runner, all right, in more ways than one. On Sunday, the 65 year old politician ran the 35th Annual Fredericton Scotiabank Marathon in New Brunswick, Canada. She didn’t finish anywhere near the top, but she did finish and she gained a new appreciation for the conduct of her fellow legislators in Alaska.

The hot news in Nova Scotia this weekend involved one legislature assaulting another one in the bathroom. Charges have been filed and a resignation has been tendered and Canadian politicians are talking about how it’s beneath the dignity of the House.  It’s unclear what got into the assaulter, but he apparently didn’t take lessons from one of our legislators that fists aren’t necessary when a simple tongue protrusion will do. And no resignation is required.

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