Sabato’s Crystal Ball can’t predict Alaska’s Senate race

University of Virginia’s Larry Sabato has solid record of predicting races across the country. His most recent map of Senate races in his Crystal Ball has all in various shades of blue, red and mango. Three of them, however —  Alaska, North Carolina and Louisiana are yellow — are yellow, indicating “toss-ups.”
senate map

It’s likely the reason that the pro-Begich super-PAC, Put Alaska First, has recently bought as much as $4.6 million worth of advertising in Alaska in a single buy. It’s a huge amount of money for the state. But it’s also a must-win for Dems, and it’s a relatively cheap one to boot, even though TV stations are charging as much as 10 times more than they did last election cycle.



5 thoughts on “Sabato’s Crystal Ball can’t predict Alaska’s Senate race

  1. Julian

    This story totally is the reason we are seeing the large amounts of Democratic campaign cash flowing into the state in an unprecedented manner.

  2. Lynn Willis

    I suggest that unless you donate millions to a super Pac you have no practical influence over a national political agenda and those who foment those agendas could care less about you. Despite my not particularly liking Begich, why shouldn’t I vote for him? Residing in a state with such a low population, aren’t my interests best protected by having both a Democrat and Republican US Senator?
    Seniority is everything in the US Senate. Regardless of claims to “fight for Alaskans”, a junior United States Senator will sit when told to sit and speak only when told to speak or he or she will find themselves regulated to political limbo. Votes against the interests of Alaska are allowed only if the national party agenda is not threatened.
    Also on that map, what do ‘OK special’, SC special” and the red stripes on South Dakota mean?

  3. Garand Fellow

    We Alaskans have our work cut out for us but this is our moment. We know how bad President Obama has been for Alaska and for the nation. Do we let him have his way by keeping the Senate under Harry Reid or do we work to force President Obama to deal in the Senate with the party not his own? Do we want the Obama legacy to be confined to ObamaCare or do we want to live with federal judges appointed by Obama for the next generation? What would Ted Stevens have us do?

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