Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s new ad

Here’s GOP U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s new ad, highlighting his service in the Marines, which goes with the key line: “I’m running for the United States Senate because Alaska needs a fighter again, not another talker.”



24 thoughts on “Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s new ad

  1. Erin

    Dan Sullivan cares nothing for our state. He’s proven himself a liar and a fraud. He’s just another greedy politician looking to rape our state. Dan Sullivan is bought and paid for by big oil. I hope Alaskans aren’t dumb enough to vote for this man, I pray he loses and when he does that he leaves our state for good.

  2. Bill

    The only thing failed was your reading comprehension test.

    Begich has been cleaning up the mess cause by years of Republican military adventurism. How quickly you forget about the abominable treatment of returning soldiers at Walter Reed during the Bush years, and how wounded warriors were dumped into the VA system while the Republican Congress slashed the VA budget.

    Fact: the Democrats fixed that in 2009 once they assumed leadership. Are things perfect? Well, I’m waiting 2+ years and counting on a VA appeal, so no, not perfect. But we veterans are getting the help and assistance we were not getting before. I know that the only happy soldier is a bitching soldier, but try to give credit where credit is due.

  3. John Smith

    I am a veteran of eight years is the United States Marine Corps. Begich, his fellow Democrats in the Senate and the VA have failed me and my many brothers and sisters who served this nation honorably. It is time for a change for the better.

  4. Bill

    You are not a veteran: I am. It was Obama and the Democratic Congress that fully-funded the VA in 2009. Even Category 8 enrollment was opened-up after years of Republicans refusing medical treatment to hundreds of thousands of veterans.

  5. John Smith

    You should do the same. Since 2004, the VA has consistently received the money that was requested from Congress. In 2008, during the budget crisis and great recession that we still have not climbed out of, the VA budget request was a topic of discussion and cuts were proposed by a Democrat congress. Once again, democrats created a phony crisis so that they could come in and claim a phony victory. The VA is fully funded, and yet Democrat lead Senate oversight is still dropping the ball and allowing our Veterans to die. New cases are popping up all the time. You are twisting some truths and denying others. Begich and his Senate cohorts are allowing Vets to die. The blood is on their hands. Shame on him and on you for going along with this false narrative.

  6. Bill

    You lie. You’re entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. Obama fully funded the VA and Begich was a driving force making it happen in the US Senate.

    Enlighten yourself by typing obama+fully+funded+the+va into your search engine of choice.

  7. Nora

    Your tentative grasp on our language is disingenuous at best. To those of us who are literate, I had said he didn’t talk about the National Guard Issue that he was potentially involved in…

    As far as your other points go…

    Has all of this “work” done anything to stem the problem of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse, or are our rates still some of the highest per capita. It’s all good and well to try to do something, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  8. Jon K

    You said that Dan did not talk about this issue. I then point to examples of how he did in PSAs and speeches. Odd.

    As far as actions, Dan put together the Choose Respect campaign, he then went to Juneau to get money for victims, law enforcement, and for a public awareness campaing, and to get laws changed. Here’s a high level overview of the initiative:

    • In partnership with the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault and the Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, the initiative provides funding for an extensive public education campaign encouraging Alaskans to “Choose Respect”;

    • Provide a more meaningful law enforcement presence for every community that desires it; notably by hiring 15 Village Public Safety Officers (VPSO) every year for the next ten years, as well as more troopers;

    • Toughen guidelines for prosecutors in handling sexual assault cases, including limits on plea deals;

    • Work with the legal community to dramatically increase pro bono legal services available to victims;

    • Increase funding for shelters to continue providing victims with the means to break free from abusive situations; and

    • Coordination of state, federal, tribal and non-profit programs addressing domestic violence and sexual assault through the hiring of a domestic violence and sexual assault prevention coordinator at the Department of Law.

  9. Nora

    Yes! Keep the conversation going! Let me see how I could possibly make fun of you for that – are you kidding me? Sullivan appeared in PSA’s?! That sounds like a lot of action & ‘getting things done’ to me.

    While AG in 2010 Sullivan’s office pled poverty and claimed it was too expensive to enforce the sex offender laws, yet they managed to find funding to target other vicious criminals…like bear lovers.

    As Sullivan’s spokesperson Bill McAllister said, “you have to make priorities.”
    “You can only have so many jury trials. There are limited resources in the courts and in the department, so you have to decide which are the offenders that you’re going to go after, not offer deals and take them to trial.”

    So that’s our priority…huh?

    And I never said there was evidence about Dan’s involvement with the Parnell scandal. I just implied that it would be nearly impossible for him to not be involved.

  10. Jon K

    First, Dan did spend a considerable amount of time on this issue — working on legislation to change our criminal laws, getting more money from the legislature for victim sevices and law enforcement, getting more attorneys to volunteer to provide pro bono representation, appearing in PSAs, speaking about the issue in virtually every speech. Second of all, there is ZERO evidence that he knew anything about what was going on at the National Guard while he was AG.

  11. Nora

    Did you just say that Choose Respect is about dealing with/talking about the problem after I had pointed out the fact that Dan hadn’t dealt with – or even talked about the problem?

    Is the slogan on Dan’s campaign a play off of Sarah’s Drill baby Drill? What is it instead, Spin baby Spin?

    If Dan did all of those things, then it could probably be said that brought back the stock market after the crash by dating a guy in 2009.

    ‘i cant believe you ignored my examples’

    I can’t believe you can’t give real examples

  12. Milton Friedman

    First of all, that is not anyone close to resembling the truth. The VA has received their entire funding request each year since 2004. Second, it is not a question of funding, it is a question of management and oversight. Begich and the Democrat lead VA Committee is letting our veterans rot away without treatment. They are not doing their job and Veterans are dead because of it. It is so sad that having made it through combat, our veterans are facing their toughest enemy ever in a broken VA and a broken promise from our government. I’m sick of the excuses.

  13. Bill

    Fact: Obama fully funded the VA after years of us veterans getting stiffed by the Republicans. It was one of the first things he did coming into office in 2009. Mark Begich used his seat on Veterans Affairs to help make this happen.

  14. Jon K

    Choose respect isn’t just about raising public awareness- it was changing our bail statutes , getting funding for more law enforcement in rural alaska, getting more funding for victim services, get more legal support for victims, and getting people to actually talk about the epidemic.

    As far as what has Dan actually accomplished – I listed a bunch of examples that you ignored. His accomplishments far exceed his opponents.

  15. Milton Friedman

    At least he hasn’t turned his back on veterans and left them to die untreated in VA Hospitals around the country. Begich has been on the VA committee for years and has only left a legacy of death for our nations heroes, while handing out free healthcare to others. Begich should be ashamed and his supporters should keep their mouths shut when it comes to the subject of all things military, national defense and foreign policy.

  16. Mae

    Oh that was nice.
    So what has L48 Dan done?
    Well he stood behind a choose respect banner and marched in front of a camera. So he could use the shot in a campaign ad for his relatives in Ohio.

  17. Nora

    How daft are you? I was making fun of the video. It’s not good. You must have not even read my comment, I already said who I am supporting…

    But if you want to play the timeline game, I’ve got one for you.

    Dan Sullivan was Attorney General for the state of Alaska back in 2010 under the Parnell administration. During this time, Dan Sullivan “lead the effort to fight domestic violence and sexual assault”. At the same time, the Alaska National Guard was sending in reports of Sexual Assault to the local law enforcement & to the Parnell Administration.

    Seeing that Dan has such an incredible background in military service, wouldn’t he have been in the chain of command?

    Even if he wasn’t, wouldn’t Dan, as AG, have been responsible for dealing with these offenders?

    Even if not…wouldn’t Dan, as the “leader” and “Spear header” of dealing with Sexual Assault in Alaska, have had the opportunity to deal with this issue?!

    No, don’t get me started on timelines. Everyone is blaming Parnell, which I’m not saying I’m against, I’m just saying that maybe we’re looking at the wrong person. Maybe if an individual claims responsibility for all the good things that occurred in the state, maybe they should have to take credit for a couple of the tragic. Where was Dan?! This would have been his job!

    Where is the line between the Parnell Administration and Dan? According to this video & resume, Dan did just about ‘everything’ for the Parnell Administration. You’re acting as if he’s some beholden deity who cometh to reclaim the sacred ground of Point Thompson. Didn’t Frank Murkowski do all the ground work for that before Palin threw our state for a loop?

    No, see, what I had asked, was what has Dan actually done?! I don’t care about your rhetorical misdirection. People want concrete answers. I have watched the Parnell administration – I wasn’t asking about Parnell’s accomplishments. Not Bush’s, not Condi’s, and not Julie Fate’s. What has Dan done?! This is the U.S. Senate… not a country club where legacy and money gets you in.

  18. Jmichaels

    And he apparently never personally committed war crimes and probably didn’t rubber stamp any while working for Dubya. Semper Fi.

  19. Jon K

    What has he done? He served (and continues to serve) his country in the military and at the highest levels of federal government. He served his state as AG and DNR Commissioner. During this time, he played an instrumental role in gettting the federal government to allow Conoco to move forward with CD-15 and lifting the Arctic Moratorium on Shell’s drilling; he settled Point Thomson and ensured that Corps issued the EIS on time; he helped bring in companies and billions of dollars in investment to Cook Inlet and the North Slope; he lead the effort to get more state resources to fight domestic violence and sexual assault; he prevented the EPA from keeping TAPS shutdown in the Jan. 2011, and he worked closely with the North Slope Borough to improve relations with the state. This is just the tip of the ice-beg. The man gets results. If you are genuinely interested in learning more about what he has accomplished, check out his website.

  20. AlaskaCodPiece

    As Karl Rove told DNR Dan (OH>WA>AK): “deflect any criticism or questions of your Alaska bona fides with a mention of something – anything, military! ” And that is a pundit fact, not made up.

    Sorry, DNR Dan. Marrying an Alaska Native does not make you one of us. And just because you are an honorable military man does not automatically make you the best choice for Alaska Senator.

  21. Nora

    I can’t tell if this is sarcastic or not…you’re being sarcastic right? He literally used the same footage as the last commercial. …Talk is cheap? What has he done besides talk? At least somebody like Begich has fought for our rights.

    At least Begich doesn’t run away from Fisheries Debates – whatcha got Sully Squad?

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