Sullivan calls on Begich to reject ObamaCare on eve of fourth anniversary of passage

Republican Senate candidate Dan Sullivan put out a release today bashing U.S. Sen. Mark Begich over his support for Obamacare. Saturday will mark the four-year anniversary of the act’s passage. In anticipation of the anniversary, Sullivan called on Begich to reject the act. “Simply put, ObamaCare is bad for Alaska,” Sullivan’s campaign spokesperson, Mike Anderson said.

So far, more than five million people have signed up for health care under the Affordable Care Act, including more than 6,600 Alaskans, including this one, who would not have been able to afford it otherwise. Those are just the people who signed up online, not including those who have gotten it directly from insurance companies.

Sullivan supports full repeal of the law, but has yet to detail what would replace it, joining Republicans across the country who are likewise stymied. But “repeal” makes a good campaign slogan in a conservative state like Alaska. And it appears to be particularly easy to use for those who have been insured with the government’s help and who haven’t been subject to the whims of the private insurance market.

Sullivan’s campaign has not yet answered questions about his own policy.

People who have signed up for insurance under ObamaCare, and who might be kicked off their plans if Republicans had their way, are beginning to fight back. The nonprofit spinoff of President Obama’s campaign committee, Organizing for America, has taken a page from the tea party playbook and has been passing out “Don’t Tread on My ObamaCare” bumper stickers, complete with the Gadsden flag.

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5 thoughts on “Sullivan calls on Begich to reject ObamaCare on eve of fourth anniversary of passage

  1. Mark

    Yep, Mark made my familys health care costs plummet! And we have actual ‘insurance’ that covers more than getting hit by a meteorite. Terrible thing to all you num-nutz, eh? Sullivan is nothing but a carpetbagger like Steve Cooper. If he wins, he’ll just move back home and never come back even if he eventually loses. Have to give him credit for a try at a potentially easy grift.

  2. Mae

    So yeah, good question, what is L48 Dan’s stand on issues?
    Do I have to call Condi Rice to find out?

    Spare Alaskans the drama L48 Dan with your bravado like press releases.

    So L48 Dan, do you think the earth is 6,000 yrs old like Parnell?

  3. 357

    Begich and the President lied to us about O-Care. Begich was “the” vote to pass the bill. He should be held accountable. He owes Alaskans an apology for his lies and deceptions associated with this bill.

  4. Paul W.

    Now here is an issue that I disagree with Both Begich and Sullivan. I am not a fan of the Affordable Care Act. Begich should have been more engaged and knew more about what he supported than he did. Likewise, as the final vote for passage, he had the power to make it better but didn’t. I suspect that he didn’t have the knowledge or intellectual capacity to do so. He could have also leveraged his vote in exchange for some huge nenefit to Alaska and didn’t. Shame on Mark Begich. Sullivan is also wrong. To repeal the ACA now is shortsighted and is more of a political prank than a policy statement. The ACA is law. The nation’s insurance business has changed as a result. Millions have signed up on the many health exchanges. Talking about repeal is irresponsible. Shame on you Dan Sullivan. I hope that whoever is our senator come the election will work to make the ACA better than it is today. That is the reality that we should be embracing.

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