Sullivan’s new radio ad defends against residency attacks

U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan released a radio ad on Tuesday entitled, “Fighter.” In the ad, Sullivan talks about his time in Alaska as the state’s attorney general. But the bulk of the ad is spent defending himself against questions surrounding his residency.

“After the September 11th terrorist attacks, my Marine Recon unit in Alaska did not get deployed. So like hundreds of my fellow Alaskans, I sought other ways to defend our country,” Sullivan says. “Although it meant my family had to leave our home in Alaska, I was honored to serve in the White House and State Department under Condoleezza Rice as part of the war on terror, and was later recalled to active duty by the Marine Corps.”

Put Alaska First, a pro-Begich super-PAC, recently bought $72,613 of more air time for its commercial questioning Sullivan’s residency claims. Anchorage resident Jim Lottsfeldt, who’s running the PAC said on Monday that the group is putting the money into ad “because it’s a good idea.”

Sullivan moved to Alaska in 1997, where he practiced law until moving to D.C. in 2002. He moved back to Alaska in 2009 to be the state’s attorney general.

The ad ends with a line that’s emerging as a theme in Sullivan’s campaign: “I’m Lt. Colonel Dan Sullivan, and I approve this message because Alaskans need a fighter again in the United States Senate.”

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7 thoughts on “Sullivan’s new radio ad defends against residency attacks

  1. AlaskaCodPiece

    If DNR Dan is such a brave “warrior” why hasn’t he left the road system and come out to talk with Alaskans in remote communities??

    We want to hear his reasons why he (and Parnell) believes it’s a great idea to change the AK constitution to remove protections of our lands and waters – and remove the public from the process as well.

  2. Mac

    Dan Sullivan certainly has a residency question.
    The People of Ohio are his biggest campaign donor.
    Who does he really represent. We certainly have our
    share of grey military Colonels but its more
    than defending our country but our state is the issue.
    Thats all we need is another lower in politics

  3. Mae

    Hey L48 Dan, while “serving” as attorney general you filed against rural Alaskan people and the need for their food source in times of shortage.
    YOU, L48 Dan choose to disrespect the basic needs of humans living in rural Alaska.
    Yet you stand there seeming to monopolize and project how you DID defend American humans with your military service.
    Spare me your military drama performance.
    Spare me your hypocritical showboating about how you would fight for Alaskans.
    You make me sick.

    Your like the kid whose sole chore was to stack the wood in the shed, but you choose to throw every log into the river, then brag about how you touched every piece of wood.

  4. anonymous

    This radio ad is pretty bland and is responsive to Begich’s campaign and that of his supportive super PACs. This race seems to be driven by the incumbent. He’s leading the race and Sullivan is being led around by his nose. Sullivan’s campaign appears to be a disjointed, uncoordinated blah. Leaves a lot to be desired. You would think that a campaign that has been so successful at fund raising would have hired a more competent media production company. I am predicting a Begich victory come November. Sullivan can’t seem to really get his campaign solidly off the ground.

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