Team Obama promotes successes of health care law

Given the problems with, it’s nothing if not ironic that Obama’s advocacy arm, the nonprofit Organizing for Action, is so skilled at making websites. In the lead-up to passing Obamacare in 2009, a version of the same group gathered stories from all across the country detailing the horrors they encountered with the medical and insurance industries. Few people saw the website, however. Obama’s people might be skilled at creating websites, but they’re lousy at disseminating those stories through the media.

Now, the group has another website, this time highlighting personal stories, some from news accounts, from all across the country of people benefiting under the health care law.

Here’s one from a woman that goes by Lara Imler who lives in Alaska, culled from public radio:

“Being self-employed, getting my premium at anything reasonable wasn’t happening,” she says. “I think my last quote was $1,200 a month for myself.”  About two hours after she started, she landed on a screen that told her she had successfully enrolled. She was pleasantly surprised by the price. Imler qualified for subsidies and chose a mid-level plan that will cost her $110 a month. “The website sucks. I’m not going to lie,” she says, “But the idea that I might be able to afford health insurance, is huge to me. It will be a huge burden off my family.”

As I said, Obama’s on-the-ground people are good with technology and putting together websites. However, in the past at least, they aren’t so good at knowing what to do with them once they’re up. There are lots of good stories out there about the new law. Let’s hope they’ve learned how to spread them.

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2 thoughts on “Team Obama promotes successes of health care law

  1. Mr J.

    I feel that I’ve been lied to and sold a bill of goods with the Affordable Care Act. Begich is responsible for the bill’s passage in cahoots with the President. Now, more politics. More lies too ? Look, the Act has real problems that need fixed. Let’s cut the crap and partisan bullshit and sit down and fix the problems. Americans deserve good health insurance.

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