The mess of Oregon’s state health care exchange

Those, including me, who have used Oregon as a model for a state health care exchange to criticize Gov. Sean Parnell’s decision to turn Alaska’s over to the feds, must now say our mea culpas. So, mea culpa. Oregon is on the cusp of nixing its nonfunctioning exchange and going all federal. It’s a mess. From The National Review:

The $305-millionfiasco” left several state health officials in its wake, leading to several resignations and removals since October. Democratic governor John Kitzhaber also got some heat for his role in overseeing the program; in January, he walked out of an interview with KATU when asked about Cover Oregon. The situation escalated to the point that the FBI investigated the program for fraud in misleading the federal government in the state’s progress.


2 thoughts on “The mess of Oregon’s state health care exchange

  1. Wm. Davis

    Sounds like Governor Parnell’s ecision, in retrospect, was indeed wise. Think about it. The Alaska DHSS is a dysfunctional mess. They would have screwed this up massively.

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