The next battle to count the votes: #AKSEN

Unless something really weird happens, it appears that GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s lead will hold  (See this dandy chart from Alexandra Gutierrez.) However, nobody has yet called the race, as they might in another place where the major networks use statisticians, which typically call races based on probably results. Because we don’t have those in Alaska, typically candidates do it themselves when a win is all but sure on Election Night. Sullivan didn’t do that. It’s unclear why, but it’s led to some interesting charges.  One thing’s clear, if and when the race is called in his favor, it’s not an auspicious way to start a term.  See below:

From a reader, who seems to know more about these things than I do. I do know that freshman orientation is Wednesday:

You have to figure that Begich’s refusal to concede makes it harder for Sullivan to recruit top-tier staff and lobby for committee assignments. Begich’s refusal to acknowledge the obvious hurts his successor and the state. There’s got to be a ton of behind the scenes jockeying going on right now as the Senate Republicans and committees staff up and Begich is keeping Sullivan’s hands tied.


10 thoughts on “The next battle to count the votes: #AKSEN

  1. AH HA

    The more I look at that tweet from @Alaska Democrats the more it makes me wonder what boob would say such a thing.

    I guess they don’t realize that Sullivan’s family can prove their presence in Alaska since about a 1000 years before anyone even invented a democrat.

  2. Oscar

    Hahaha….Sullivan didn’t have a national Republican in Anchorage to wind him up and tell him what to say to declare victory. Is this a preview of what little we can expect?

  3. Garand Fellow

    Ms. Coyne, How generous of you to say that the major Alaska networks don’t have statisticians. You could have instead said that the networks don’t have people who can spell statistician, and the talking heads on television and radio cannot spell the word. Looking at major media coverage during this election I would say that the owners of these media, including the ADN and the Juneau Empire, should be competing with one another to hire you to run them. I hope you turn all of them down.

  4. Red Kitty

    I’m sorry I voted for Sullivan is prroviing to be a disappointment already. He said he’d be a fighter. Instead, he’s acting like Begich’s lap dog. What’s it take to get a decent senator?

  5. J. Reb

    For a smart guy, Sulliivan exudes a sense of cluelessness. Hey Dan, you won the race so give a victory speech. The Begich people are making you look like a dumbass exxtrodrdinaire.

  6. AH HA

    I’ve been hearing wild rumors of a Gulfstream 4 on the ramp in Juneau unloading a team of Perkins Coie types this afternoon.

    I actually went and took a look this evening and could not see any G-4’s on the ramp. But it’s dark and part of the ramp used for this type aircraft is not easy to see by the public, even in daylight.

    Anyone else heard anything about this?

  7. CPG49

    This is the most ridiculous ranting I have ever seen. It seems a battle between the sophomoric and the idiot spinners. The real question remains “why didn’t Dan Sullivan declare victory on election night?” The babbles about they were waiting for a “network” to call it is demonstrative of the Sullivan’s campaign lack of understanding of local precedent and protocols. However, the Begich campaign’s response is the same disingenuous rants that we had to live thru during the campaign. The polls are closed, there are no more votes to vote. Regardless of when someone declares victory, all the votes will be counted and recorded. The Begich supporters are out of control with their unhappiness. On election night, BP external affairs spokesperson, Julie Hasquet, was screaming at Sullivan supporters on election night. She continues to rant as evidenced by her work-hour tweets. I had no idea that BP was such a big backer and sponsor of Begich. I’m further surrprised that they allow this on the corporate clock. Is this legal even? This blows me away given that he wasn’t a supporter of SB 21 even – – or at least publicly. Weird.

  8. Lynn Willis

    Are we hearing excuses already? So if Sullivan is not that effective over the next six years it will be because, even before he was declared the winner of the election by proper authority, his opponent “tied his hands” and therefore Senator Sullivan was denied an opportunity to select qualified staff , lobby for committee assignments or even attend freshman orientation?
    If a potential “top-tier” staff member isn’t either smart enough to understand the process or brave enough to risk aligning with Sullivan now, does the Senator really want him or her? If Senator Sullivan has demonstrated potential to effectively serve in particular committee assignments am I to understand that potential won’t be seen by other Senators because Begich didn’t admit defeat? Lastly, am I to understand he is forbidden to attend orientation unless Begich admits defeat? If you were a major party leader would you allow any orientation that did not allow attendance by the apparent victors who were members of your party? Sure……

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