The power of political ads: Iowa Senate race now in play

The Senate race is unexpectedly in play in my adoptive home-state of Iowa. Relative unknown Joni Ernst won that state’s Republican primary on Tuesday. Credit is being given to two ads for her surge. One, descriptively titled “squeal,” featured castration. In another she pointed a pistol at the camera and fired. ObamaCare down. The ads got her lots of national attention and earned her tons of free media in the state. She’ll face Democrat Bruce Braley in the general.

Via Politico:

The late surge of momentum for Ernst — who first got on the national radar with a commercial about castrating hogs — really was something to behold. She got huge last minute help from both establishment and tea party figures. Romney came last Friday, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio helped her finish on Monday night. …If Republicans win this seat, which is very possible, a Senate majority is well within reach.”