Treadwell cites controversial internet survey as proof of surge

The New York Times and CBS News, in partnership with YouGov, released the results of a controversial survey that shows if the election were held today, GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan would lose to Mark Begich by 12 points, and Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell would lose by only two points. The survey provided fodder for Treadwell’s campaign to claim momentum.

“This new nationally-recognized poll and the recent attacks we’ve seen from Mark Begich and his liberal allies show we’re surging and that we’re best positioned to make Begich a one-term Senator,” Treadwell said in a release.

The poll, however, lends little credibility to his claim.

The survey interviewed 452 Alaskans as part of a national project that asked 100,000 voters nation-wide questions about every Senate race in the country. The survey says that Republicans have a 60 percent chance of winning the Senate back.

Beware: The survey doesn’t even conform to the New York Times’ standards of what it considers a “credible” poll. What’s so controversial about it is that it used “opt-in” respondents, meaning basically that people had to go to them online to get surveyed. Such survey methods fly in the face of what has been considered scientifically sound polling, because, among other things, people who opt in for such surveys tend to be more politically engaged and more educated.

The story accompanying the Times piece on the poll had a cautionary paragraph for the Alaska results, noting that in Alaska, “internet penetration is surely lower than elsewhere in the country.” However, the NYT’s apparently didn’t check its facts. Internet penetration in Alaska is among the highest in the country.

Indeed, the survey results in Alaska are outliers. Nearly every other poll has shown both Treadwell and Sullivan neck-and-neck with Begich.

The New York Times itself refused to publish online polls prior to this one, and it still has a policy that says that it won’t publish exactly the same kind of poll that it ended up publishing. A reporter for Politico Pro (paywall alert) caught that one. From the paper’s policy, which was still on the paper’s site on Monday:

Self-selected or ‘opt-in’ samples — including Internet, e-mail, fax, call-in, street intercept, and non-probability mail-in samples — do not meet The Times’s standards regardless of the number of people who participate…In order to be worthy of publication in The Times, a survey must be representative, that is, based on a random sample of respondents. Any survey that relies on the ability and/or availability of respondents to access the Web and choose whether to participate is not representative and therefore not reliable. The hallmark of any good poll is that the poll taker chooses and pursues the respondent.

I don’t know whether or not Treadwell is surging. He might be. He might not be. But I would think that if it’s true, and he’s the candidate to beat Mark Begich, then either Mark Begich or the super-PAC that supports him would have put some money into going after him. They haven’t.

What I do know is that this poll is highly suspect.

As Washington Post pollster Scott Clement put it:

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60 thoughts on “Treadwell cites controversial internet survey as proof of surge

  1. Joe Smith

    Kent R is a parody of a poster and frankly crudely sophomoric in his response. Let’s see.

    1) He notes I don’t use my correct name (fair enough, most don’t), then he doesn’t use his correct name.
    2) He notes that I am involved in politics of personal destruction after I call Randy Reudrich a smart dude and make a note with the idea it’s unusual for a strong conservative to be quoting a strong liberal. It’s the old “politics make strange bedfellows” issue although that may be a new concept for someone who is 16 or so.
    3) He didn’t spell Randy Reudrich’s name correctly, the focus of his post.
    4) He notes that Treadwell posters attack, attack, attack. Go through these posts and see who the vile posters are and you’ll see that most of them come from people like himself on the Sullivan camp. Treadwell supporters defend well, and as has often been the case a good defense is a good offense, as far as I can read with my own eyes, they generally do it with a little more class than Kent R has shown.
    5) Educate yourself when it comes to Treadwell’s accomplishments (that would involve some reading and consideration of the history of Alaska and Treadwell’s part in it). Go to his website and cease engorging on the vomit of destruction you’re suckled to.

    Bottom line: I smell flop sweat in the Sullivan camp. Kent R, you can “Google” that and begin to understand where your campaign is coming from.

  2. Davis P.

    I started out this campaign thinking I’d vote for Mead. Not any more. His campaign, the terrible rumors they spreead and his lack of integrity has turned me against him.
    Character is important to me. I believe both Dan Sullivan and Joe Miller are the only two candidates that have character on the Republican side. I’m voting for Dan because he has proven himself as viable in thr campaign.

  3. Kent R.

    The commenter that calls himself “Joe Smith” is a coward and a mouse compared to Randy Reuderich. Besides his leadership of the Republican party for years, Randy has the courage to use his real name when he says something. Joe Smith is obviously one of Treadwell’s minions that specializes in the politics of personal destruction that seems to be the low moral standard that represents the Treadwell campaign. Treadwell’s accomplishments are lies and bullshit. The only thing he and his minions can do is attack, attack and attack. You can expect to see these characters slinging the mud like no tomorrow. My advice to Joe Smith is don’t pick a loser next time. On second thought, stick with the losers because your vile and lack of moral character is better served with losers like Treadwell. Why don’t you go over to Mead’s tonight and have a slumber party with his political sleaze ball hit man Charles Johnson. You guys make me want to take a shower. If Begich wins, it’ll be because of low lifes like you. Ciao.

  4. Dave

    You’re kidding right? Money matters less than media buys? You know who says that? Staffers who work for a candidate that has no money. Now go clean yourself up.

  5. John Smith

    Yes, it was a credible company and methodolgy. The results of the poll didn’t point to Meanwell as the only person who could beat Begich though.

  6. Joe Smith

    It’s kind of comical that Randy Ruedrich, (long time Republican apparatchik) who is apparently now the voice for the Sullivan campaign (incidentally, why did Ben Mohr, former Sullivan campaign manager abandon Sullivan?) Does he know something?) is quoting Amanda Coyne. I note that Randy, a smart dude, didn’t agree with Amanda, a left-wing blogger, but he was only too happy to propagate her spin since it not only works for Begich, but for Sullivan.

  7. Joe Smith

    This is an amazing discussion and the nastiness of the anti-Treadwell posts is breathtaking. I sense a bit of desperation by the Sullivan campaign, which is looking like a story for the history books (the campaign flooded with dollars from outside Alaska, which could not then win the primary). Look, the bottom line(s) are:
    (1) One way or the other this is a clear victory by the Treadwell camp
    (2) If it was so easy to move the needle, why didn’t Sullivan (with all his millions), or Miller (with all his rabid supporters) affect this poll? If either of them had the kind of result they are now decrying, they certainly would have issued a press release as well.
    Just my two cents worth

  8. Nora

    Like the ones Dan paid for and then promoted to everyone he could reach? Were those credible?

  9. Steph

    How is Amanda biased if every other news outlet has panned the NYT for this survey? Amanda’s the only Alaska reporter who took the time to dig into this, and she came to the same conclusion that every other credible reporter did. Political campaigns spin, and reporters report. Don’t criticize her for not spinning an obviously error ridden survey.

    Good job Amanda, and take your critics with a grain of salt.

  10. Peanut Gallery

    This poll is irrelevant. At the end of the day: Treadwell was in the race a year before Sullivan got in. Therefore, if you’re a Sullivan supporter, you were likely a Mead Treadwell supporter before but switched. Mead has done nothing but lose supporters to Sullivan from the day he got in. There is no surge for the Treadwell campaign, except a surge in CAMPAIGN DEBT.

    Is Mead better off now than he was a year ago? No. Is Mead better off now than he was 6 months ago? No. Is Mead better off now than he was 3 months ago? No. I’m failing to see this “surge” grounded in reality.

  11. Ted

    This is so laughable…if Sullivan had the Treadwell numbers in the NYTimes poll he would have sent out a release as well….seems like the campaign is obviously very nervous with their responses…

  12. John Smith

    Seems like quite a while since the last one came out, but yes you are correct. I am a Sullivan supporter and if a poll comes out from a company using correct methodology gives this same information then I will accept it. However this poll isn’t believable for reasons already stated.

  13. John Smith

    I am sorry to say, that it is true. Registration is free. No personal information required. You put in your basic demographic information and immediately can begin to take polls. Someone got wind that this poll was the first one on the site after registering, and sent word to others in the “friendly to Mead” population. You don’t know me from Adam so I understand the skepticism. I am just telling you what I know.

  14. Robert

    That’s absolutely not the only reason we have for believing Treadwell has a much better chance of beating Begich. Previous polls (except for Sullivan’s own polls- wonder why) have shown Treadwell to be in a dead heat with Sullivan despite all the money Sullivan has spent. This suggest that Treadwell is a much better candidate. Favorability polls have also shown that Treadwell is seen in a much more positive light than Sullivan. On top of the numerical evidence, Sullivan has hardly any experience or knowledge of important issues in Alaska, and has successfully been tagged as a carpet bagger by the dems. I understand the argument that he only left Alaska to serve our country, and while that is very honorable of him, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s only been in Alaska for a few years. During the debates Sullivan has demonstrated his ignorance time and time again on specific key alaska issues such as our fisheries and the arctic. If you listen to him all he ever talks about are general national issues and the official party line. He doesn’t have the same knowledge, passion, or experience as Mead, and for that reason he has my vote in August.

  15. 907guy

    Press releases may not mean as much as a gaint ad buy, but I would caution as brushing it off as nothing. It is clearly something or else why even bother doing it? Here is a quote from “But a more recent series of Begich campaign statements sent to reporters seems to be targeting one of Sullivan’s primary election opponents, Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell, more directly. And that might be due to Treadwell closing the gap between himself and Sullivan in the latest poll to be released publicly.”

  16. Robert

    You are all forgetting the fact that several previous polls have also shown Treadwell’s favorability ratings to be substantially higher than Sullivan’s for both Rs and Ds. This isn’t the only poll to suggest Treadwell has a better chance of beating Begich.

  17. John R.

    The absolute only reason Sullivan is considered the favorite is because of his money. And all the polls that weren’t put out by Sullivan’s own campaign have should Treadwell and Sullivan to be in a dead heat DESPITE all the outside money Ohio Dan has spent.

  18. John R.

    how about the “I’m tired of Mead Treadwell and Mark Begich attacking Dan” that has been running on the radio? What attacks? The only “attack” that Mead has put out was calling Sullivan on his “I fought for stand your ground” bullshit. All he did was ask Sullivan’s campaign to provide one piece of time stamped evidence to support that claim.

  19. Dolly Varden

    The Treadwell troops that have their panties all twisted complain with the panache of an angry, spoiled 4th grader. No wonder the voters aren’t “surging” to Mead’s side. If anything, Treadwell appears to be losing support.

  20. Patti continues to provide the best coverage of politics in Alaska. Once again, your institutional knowledge and political analysis cuts thru the crap and provides a meaningful commentary and point of view. The readers who suggest that you are biased are actually the biased ones that are unwilling to face or accept the truth. Anyone with an understanding of politics, polling or statistics will agree with you. You go girl.

  21. John Smith

    When the weatherman reports 100% of the time that there is a 50% chance of rain, he is 100% accurate.

  22. John Smith

    “Amanda it’s cheep that you’re trying to get at the credibility of this poll instead of realize what this tells us.”

    I know you will find this a little mean, but that sentence is illogical. If the methodology of a poll lacks credibility, then the results do as well.

  23. FactChecker

    Meet Leo, Our Senate Model
    How well does Leo do?

    LEO SAYS The best way to judge Leo is to test whether it is well calibrated. That is, when our forecast says a Republican has a 75 percent chance of winning, as the forecast currently does in Georgia, do Republicans actually win three out of every four such races? We can’t run a laboratory experiment that repeats the Georgia Senate race four times, of course. But we can look back at past races in which Leo would have assigned odds of 75 percent and see how often the favorite actually won. Sure enough, the track record is solid.

    We know, however, that most readers will not use calibration to judge Leo. People will instead say it was “right” when it gave the eventual winner at least a 50 percent chance of victory. So here’s a less-sophisticated answer to the question: In November 2012, using only information known then, Leo would have “missed” one Senate race — in North Dakota. Our model would have given Rick Berg, the Republican candidate, a 61 percent chance of winning. Its best estimate was that Mr. Berg would beat Heidi Heitkamp by one percentage point. The reverse was true. In all, Leo would have “missed” – we can’t resist the quotation marks – on four of its 172 Election Day predictions over the past five election cycles:

    Year State Republican Democrat Prediction Result
    2012 North Dakota Rick Berg Heidi Heitkamp Rep. +0.8 Dem. +0.9
    2010 Colorado Ken Buck Michael F. Bennet Rep. +1.4 Dem. +1.7
    2010 Nevada Sharron Angle Harry Reid Rep. +3.0 Dem. +5.7
    2004 Florida Mel Martinez Betty Castor Dem. +0.6 Rep. +1.1

    But we want to emphasize: A model in which every 51-percent favorite wins is not much better than a coin that always comes up heads.

  24. Justin

    My bad, It looks like the comment I’m referring to was written by Barbara, not Dave. This comment system is annoying.

  25. John Smith

    For those who are wondering, an email went out from the Treadwell camp asking supporters to go to, register for free and participate in the on-line poll that would immediately pop-up once you entered your zip code. I am assuming that many of them did and now that they have the results they were hoping for, they are spouting it as proof that Treadwell is the only one that can win. That is why opt-in polling is considered dubious at best.

  26. Smitthers

    These comments embrace the wit, wisdom and mostly the stupidity of Republicans. Who are you people? Never mind, I don’t want to lnow.

  27. mick J.

    To : 907 guy
    Re: How stupid are you?

    Having read your comment(s), I fully understand the use of your moniker. It suggests to me that you’re smart enough to protect your name but lackk any real knowledge of politics. I suspect you’re one of Mead’s little clowns from the Lower 48 that he dresses up in the latest fashion of Mead-wear and runs you around like you’re some cross from Up With People to Guys Just Trying to Fit In. You must be really embarrassed with your candidate’s lack of success or are just too stupid to know any better. From your comments, I suggest it is the later. Your arguments are too laughable to respond to specifically. What you suggest is a bias, I submit is reasoned thought and analysis. Have fun and wear one of your glow-in-the-dark Mead t-shirts tonight. They’re really cool.

  28. John Smith

    I would love to see a link to anything from the Sullivan campaign attacking Mead. Please provide.

  29. 907guy

    Also your wrong about Sullivan or his PACs not putting money into attacking Mead. I have seen and/or heard a few ads by Sullivan and his PAC attacking Treadwell. Also Begich has done press releases attacking solely Treadwell. Again your BIAS is showing, Amanda.

  30. lolz train

    I love the Sullivan supporters (*cough* campaign staff) posting on this page ripping on Mead for blasting out a skewed survey. HOW DARE HE! We are the only ones who are supposed to blast out flawed statistics. Begich votes with Obama 97% of the time! It’s true because we say it!!

  31. Justin

    Dave’s comments that Begich would win against Sullivan if he wins the primary , because they’ve “spent enough money slamming Sullivan already” and won’t “respect Sullivan as a candidate”,is ludicrous.

    Don’t you get it, Dave? They’re ALREADY throwing all they’ve got at Sullivan, as if he’s won the primary already! And Sullivan is WINNING that argument. If anything, that’s proof that he will be able to withstand the same heat AFTER the primary. Beating Sullivan at the primary level is the ONLY WAY BEGICH CAN BEAT HIM.

    How much heat are Treadwell and Miller getting from Begich at the moment? None. IF (big if) one of them wins the primary, you can bet that Begich will immediately turn the flamethrower on them. We already know how well Joe handles that pressure from 2010, and while Mead is untested, he’s not looking very solid now, at the primary level.

  32. Steve

    This democrat enjoys the rants and moans of the conservatives battling over which of their candidates have the fewest faults. The answer is THEY ARE ALL LOSERS.
    The republicans’ best candidate is Dan Sullivan. But even he will be defeated by Sen. Begich. The republicans are eating their own and doing the democrats work. I am so glad that I am not a member of the party of stupids, the republicans.
    Happy Days Are Here To Stay.

  33. Leslie

    I have enjoyed reading this story and the comments more. No disrespect, however the comments posted by Treadwell’s campaign supporters appear to lack knowledge or a willingness to accept the facts. The New York Times poll and its lack of scientific validation has made them the point of criticism of almost every major newspaper and pollster in the country. It even violated the publishing standards of credibility posted by the Times. Likewise, there is no other evidence of Tradwell surging or gaining support. In fact, just the opposite iis occuring. For example, Sullivan raised more money from Aalaskans in the most recent reporting period than Treadwell did in and out of state. Earlier in the race, this wasn’t the case until more recently when Sullivan’s support has started to grow. Further, this poll stands alone as all the scientific polls show Sullivan significantly ahead of Treadwell. Also, the point made in the story about how the Ds are continuing to attack Sullivan speaks loudly. From my friends on the D side of the aisle, I know first hand that the only GOP Senate candidate they fear is Dan Sullivan. Good artucle. You did an excellent job of explaining a difficult subject is a masterly way. Unfortunately, some of your readers didn’t read the story before commenting, didn’t understand what you wrote or were just simply unwilling to accept it. For these people, I feel bad as they are either holding on to false hopes or in some cases look foolish by the comments they posted.

  34. Trevor C.

    Please be so kind as to list these lies of which you speak. Enough of this unsubstantiated claims.

  35. John Smith

    I find it interesting that nearly every reputable political scientist and statistician disagrees with you. Opt-in sampling has never been used as a credible and scientific methodology for measuring public opinion. Never has been, never will be. Oh and yes, it is a science.

  36. 907guy

    While opt-in polls do not tell you what a traditional poll would, they do tell their own story. This poll does tell us that amongst people who, as you put it, are the most “politically engaged”, “educated”, not to mention enthusiastic, are picking Treadwell over Sullivan in a match up against Begich. The article also states that the traditional polling has it’s own problems. Traditional polling uses “random-digit dialing to reach a sample of adults by telephone. Random-digit dialing has long been the gold standard for public polling, but declining response rates may be complicating the ability of telephone polls to capitalize on the advantages of random sampling. Most polls underestimated President Obama’s standing in 2012, perhaps because young and nonwhite voters were least likely to own a landline and least likely to respond to telephone pollsters.” Amanda your blatant BIAS is showing.

  37. Mandy Doolittle


    You are the paragon of slander. Your journalism credibility is thinner than virgin ice.


    Alaskans recognize a greenhorn when they see one.

    You are the product of blind obedience, not a man with any discernible leadership traits.

    Ohio doesn’t need a third senator. Get out, Dan!

  38. John R.

    Treadwell surging? I think you meant to say that Treadwell is sleazy.
    I have lived in Alaska almost 50 years. During that time, I have never seen a politician more full of themselves and claiming credit for things they didn’t do than Treadwell. It is easy for me to understand why Ted Stevens never liked him. I have been a life long Republican and would vote for a snake before I’d vote for Treadwell. Heck, I’d vote for Mark Begich even before I’d even consider voting for Treadwell. There’s a reason why Governor Parnell wrote Treadwell a letter admonishing him and telling him to stay out of his administration’s business and limit his activities to his constitutional charge of running the Division of Elections (which he has done a piss poor job at). He thinks he’s surging? I think he’s doing what he does most – – telling lies. Treadwell is too disgusting and sleazy to waste any more time on. Please remember to vote for someone with character on August 19th.

  39. Susan

    There is indisputable validity to the recent YouGov and Times polls. Although they weren’t drawn from a random pool, the fact that they were opt-in does not repudiate the results. In such a relevant and talked about election, opt-in proves to be a valid survey format. The people of Alaska are all undoubtedly actively engaged in this election, and those with well-rounded knowledge of its development under their belts certainly were the ones who completed the poll. Nobody who doesn’t care or doesn’t know much about this race would participate in an opt-in pole, hence bolstering the validity of this poll, not the contrary.

  40. Barbara

    Amanda it’s cheep that you’re trying to get at the credibility of this poll instead of realize what this tells us. If we as a party elect Dan Sullivan in the primary we might as well be voting for Begich.

    Think about it, Mark Begich, Harry Reid and Barack Obama have spent enough money slamming Sullivan already, do you think they would drop that narrative and respect him as a candidate if he won the nomination?? Hell no, they’ve invested all this money so that if he wins the nomination they can throw everything they’ve got at him, and the voters will believe it because they have already created blasted the narrative into the homes of so many Alaskans. That’s how Joe beat Lisa in the primary and we saw how crazy he became after that, would we really want Sullivan to snap as well?

    Let’s elect a candidate who has real experience and time in Alaska, no matter what you accuse Mead of “taking credit for” it’s undeniable that he has lived AND worked in Alaska for the past 40 years. He raised THREE kids on his own, that’s no easy task. He’s considered an EXPERT on the arctic and has followed Alaskan politics since the very beginning (in one of his speeches he mentions how Ernest Gruening told him it would take longer than a lifetime to see, experience and understand Alaska, Mead done more for the state of Alaska through his time, his talent and his touch than any other candidate in this race, and that’s something Gruening would support.) On top of that he is the only candidate we have who has won a statewide election, and those are just the talking points people, his resume and all the things he’s done for Alaska would require a whole other blog post.

    Opt-in poll or not Mead Treadwell has my vote on August 19th.

  41. Dave

    The only poll that matters occurs on the 19th. We waste all this time arguing what the does the color red taste like, and while we do this, Begich wins another day. The second poll that matters, is that of the two losers, and what they’ll do and tell their supporters the day after the primary. Otherwise we focus on the rubbish of polls, and lose focus.

  42. Brenda

    This wasn’t a survey of those politically aware, as no one on this comment thread or any of the readers of this blog participated. At the end of the day, every credible news outlet in the country has denounced the NYT/YouGov survey (YouGov is a survey company from the United Kingdom). But by all means, Mead supporters are within their rights to spin away; just know that ethereal spin won’t translate into votes.

    I find it hilarious that the only claim to electoral viability that Mead Treadwell’s campaign can cling to is a liberal publication like the New York Times and a suspect survey from a British company.

  43. Sarah

    This poll and article offer good food for thought. Mead Treadwell’s campaign has been surging. And while an opt-in poll does tend to be biased to “political gurus,” it doesn’t mean it wasn’t worthwhile. It shows that among the highly politically informed, Treadwell is the best shot at beating Begich in the General election for Republicans concerned with taking back the Senate. The poll may have been a voluntary response, but it’s good to remember that voting is also voluntary in this country, so polls like this can’t be completely disregarded.

  44. Rebecc Logan

    There are few, if any, polling methods that I have confidence in. They all have their own challenges -and I think it is funny to have people use the word “scientific” in the same sentence as “poll”. Scientific implies that there is control over the majority of the activity involved – pollsters lose control as soon as they dial a number – even if the questions are designed to produce a certain answer. I did think it was interesting that the potential to over sample people who are politically involved and more educated was seen as a negative.


    Myrhomania is an abnormal or pathological tendency to excaggerate or tell lies. This condition clearly explains a lot about Mead Treadwell’s campaign. And yep, pretty much sums up the Mead Treadwell press release that his campaign is surging. Is this a mental illness?

  46. Mike in Palmer

    You’re so right about the lack of credibility of opt-in polling. The results are laughable. Mean nothing.

  47. Joe P.

    This poll is telling us something that we should have seen long ago: Treadwell has a better shot of taking down Begich than Sullivan. As Amanda pointed out, “people who opt in for such surveys tend to be more politically engaged and more educated.” Hmmmm…. Politically active and educated people pick Treadwell over Sullivan… Clearly due to their educated perspective and ability to realize that Mead is the right candidate.

  48. kevin

    I just want to recap
    Dan is attacking Mead on:
    1. Taking credit for things he didn’t do
    2. Being Pro-Putin (Sadly, he deleted his post on the subject)
    3. Going negative (still waiting on proof of that one, I haven’t seen anything yet)

    Mead is attacking Dan on:
    1. Taking credit for things he didn’t do
    2. Being Anti-Second Amendment (well Dan’s lying about Stand your Ground and all)
    3. (Mentioning the fact that Mark Begich has created a narrative about) Dan being all out-of-state

    Miller is attacking Dan & Mead on:
    1. Supporting Lisa
    2. Supporting Lisa
    3. Supporting Lisa, and subsequently… UN Agenda 21, Dead Babies, AIDS, Obama, Mark Begich, and Women in general.

    …When are you guys going to start attacking Mark?
    Do you have anything besides:
    1. Voted on Obamacare
    2. Votes with Obama & Reid 97% of the time
    3. Being a Democrat

  49. Anonymous

    A few minutes ago, I saw that the Treadwell campaign was posting on Facebook this so called surge and claims that they were the only candidate in striking range. While I know it didn’t sound right, I wondered if it could possibly be true. Then, I came to your blog and saw your story. I appreciate your perspective and explanation of how ridiculous this claim is especially using this poll as his proof and credibility. What all this really tells me is that Treadwell’s campaign is desperate and floundering. Republicans don’t appreciate Treadwell’s continuous false claims, exaggerations and outright lies. Thank goodness there are two better choices on the Republican ballot.

  50. Ellen

    Mead lives in a fantasy world. He falsely claims credit for almost everything. His real accomplishments in public life is “ZERO”. Now he issues bogus press releases, based on unscientific polls, that his campaign is picking up steam. I thinlk just the opposite is true. I can’t wait until August 19th and we won’t be sunjected to this fools’ claims.

  51. Will

    It’s pathetically comical that Treadwell has so little going on in his campaign that he wasted the time to issue a press release utilizing an unscientific “opt-in” poll to show that his campaign was surging. Amanda, you are correct in your analysis that they would be bombarding Treadwell if he was actually surging. The only thing you can bet on at this point is that Treadwell will start slinging mud and attack Sullivan with baseless and fraudulent claims. This is how he beat Ramras. One thing you can count on with Treadwell and that is he has no morals and relishes negative and false advertising.

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