Treadwell’s campaign video

Here’s the latest campaign video from Senate candidate Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell. I think he gets the tone just right. Treadwell seems earnest without being boring and pompous. He comes across as conservative without being a firebrand and most importantly, he’s likable. Watch below.



3 thoughts on “Treadwell’s campaign video

  1. Christopher Constant

    He lost my support forever when he picked up the mantle of “traditional family values”. My family is equal to his family no matter what he claims.

  2. Robert M.

    Mead Treadwell is a huge disappointment to me. He is trying to recreate himself and be a right wing conservative. Is he crazy ? Does he think Alaskans are too lame to know his history ? Last week, he wa singing Ted Cruz’s praise. This week he is singing “How Far To The Righjt Am I” Liberal, conservative, or middle of the roader – – it just doesn’t matter – – what matters is integrity and honesty. That is a trait that Treadwell has little of. Joe Miller is a conservative, through and through. Mead is trying to pretend he is. Seriously, does anyone think that Mead can convince Miller voters to switch and vote for him ? I bet Mark Begich prays that Treadwell wins the R primary. More likely due to his inability to tell the truth, his akward personality and attempts to reinvent himself it is more likely that he’ll finish last. Let’s hope so. Mead Treadwell can be summed up in one word. LIAR !

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