Tweets from today’s press conference announcing Walker-Mallott ticket

I’m writing a longer story about the Bill Walker-Byron Mallott merger announced today. In the meantime, here’s some tweets from the press conference announcing the official “unaffiliated” team.





7 thoughts on “Tweets from today’s press conference announcing Walker-Mallott ticket

  1. Anonymous

    Alaska is so Red that the Alaskan Democrat party backed a republican to run for Governor. How do you spin that to be good news for the people that voted in the Primary Election? “Hey we backed a guy that sucks less than the guy in office now” and I thought the Alaskan Republican party was dysfunctional.

  2. Anonymous

    I think that maybe some party loyalists are a little upset, but most are just dying to fire Parnell.

  3. Alaska Democrat

    Mae, I wasn’t born here but I’ve been loyal to my party. It really angers me every time I hear people try to “out Alaska” each other. If I had known that was a pre requisite to being a “successful” Alaskan I would have not moved here. Most people who now live here weren’t born and raised.

    Walker’s wife isn’t from Alaska. If you want to “out Alaska” the other guy let’s think about this harder, Mae. You must be getting confused. You are totally a Republican plant to make Democrats look bad. Though the decision the party made did enough damage. You are just the icing on the cake Mae.

  4. Mae


    Progressive and so beyond the typical stuck in the mud, so red its dead, clueless, low information, easy peasy to corrupt republican.

    Oh and actually Alaskan.

  5. Mike

    If I were a D, I would be pissed that my party took away my primary and gave the head seat to someone outside of my own party and bumped the official #1 to gov. lt. status. It is one thing to insert a new name for the general in place of the primary person, this has been done in the past with both parties. This is something entirely different. I hope our party doesn’t get any ideas and pull a Walker in the blue districts across the state.

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