U.S. Senate candidate Mead Treadwell hires communications director

It appears that despite rumors that he was going to drop out of the primary, Republican Lt. Governor and U.S. Senate candidate Mead Treadwell is digging in. On Tuesday, Treadwell announced that his campaign has hired Tom Intorcio to serve as communications director.

Intorcio is no novice. He’s worked for Republican congressmen, was an Iowa field rep for Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign, and a field coordinator for President Bush’s 2004 campaign. He’s also been affiliated with a Patriot Voices, a grassroots group devoted to “liberty.” Watch him here talking about the group. Word is that the hire has been in the works for awhile.

According to two recent polls, Treadwell’s numbers have been falling while Dan Sullivan’s have been rising. A PPP poll released on Tuesday shows that among 313 Republican primary voters surveyed, Sullivan has a 14 point lead over Treadwell: 40 percent for Sullivan and 26 percent for Treadwell. Joe Miller, the other challenger, is falling in the polls with only 14 percent of GOP primary voters saying that they’d vote for him in August.

All of them lose to Sen. Mark Begich in the general, however. The poll, which surveyed 582 general election voters, has Sullivan losing by 5 points, Treadwell losing by 8 and Miller by 16 percentage points.

PPP is a Democratic leaning firm, and uses robo-calls to conduct its polls and has been suspect in the past. However, the numbers are fairly consistent with a poll paid for by Sullivan released in early May that used live interviewers.

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8 thoughts on “U.S. Senate candidate Mead Treadwell hires communications director

  1. Andrew

    In the battle between Alaska and DC, Mead, a veteran warrior for Alaska, needs some one who can really fight against (egregiously) large sums of out of state money held by Mark Begich. It is obvious that Treadwell is the only man who can beat Begich, as all of the other candidates are either too ill-equipped or far to caustic and unreliable. Mead has the track record of numerous state-wide wins, probably because he has been working to represent Alaska and her interests for over 40 years. Mead has amazingly already made himself a very well known candidate with out a comms directer by using his strong grass roots support to post signs from Nome to Kodiak. Mead is really shaping up to be a tour de force.

  2. Dave Fredericks

    Mu humble opinion the referred polls are skewed because there is only one (1) democrat and thus three republican candidates are splitting the numbers, also the robo calling polls have been shown to be inaccurate.
    I support Mead Treadwell because, “He is the only full-spectrum conservative in the U.S. Senate race who has a proven track record in public, private and professional life of successfully making Alaska a better place to live, work and raise a family.
    – In the fight of AK & DC, Mead needs somebody who’s got the experience to fight outside money. I’m glad that he’s reached out to get a good communications person.
    -Mead Treadwell is the only candidate who’s won statewide elections
    -Mead Treadwell has worked for Alaskan’s & our problems for 40 years
    -Even when he didn’t have a Comms director Mead Treadwell 1. Signed up for the fisheries debate where his opponents did not 2. Has gotten the word out about his grass roots support by having signs from Nome to Kodiak 3. Really made a big impact on facebook through the use of updates & great photos.

  3. CJD

    Perhaps the fact is the poll numbers will change drastically when we finally examine our candidates. We will find numerous problems with Sullivan’s AG time and Begich will continuously hound Sullivan because he has had shaky support of the second amendment. Sullivan could barely speak on a topic in the candidate forum without fumbling through his notepad! Honestly if we want to get rid of Sen. Begich we need a candidate without surprises, one we already know, because all the money in the world won’t help Sullivan in the fall.

  4. The Alaskan Silver

    Spokespeople sometimes lie. Statistics don’t. At this point of a campaign, assuming it was credible, wouldn’t one have a team in place? Sorry, Mead. It is what it is. Rather pathetic. I don’t know why you think you have a chance. Your colors are starting to suggest you arte a RINO and are beginning to help Begich. Makes me wonder about your sensibilities and commitment to the state and your party.

  5. roberta

    This is great news and shows the Treadwell campaign is picking up momentum. Go Mead Go. Alaska will join Ted Cruz. And help lead the nation to God’s kingdom. It is a new day.

  6. MFG

    An earlier post decried Treadwell’s new communications’ staffer as “laughable”. I would challenge you to think as it as forward thinking. After all, Treadwell’s failure is predictable. There does not seem to be any rational path to victory. Consequently, hiring a communications’ staffer at this juncture you will at least have someone on staff to help create and disseminate a classy concession speech.
    From the look of his age, the new hire is no spring chicken. In fact, he looks rather old to be taking such a position, particularly in a losing campaign. Has to make you wonder who’s getting the short end of the stick? Mead or the new guy? Maybe they deserve each other.

  7. Marria from Girdwood

    From what I can find out about this guy, he looks to bne the perfect dirtbag to work for the same. Mead is such a disappointment. He has changed, has become incredibly self-centered and no longer able to differentiate between right and wrong. To me, Mead’s latest reincarnation of philosophy leaves much to be desired. At least others have the courage to stand up for their convictions and occasionally tell the truth. The more I write, the more convinced I am that your new communications staffer will be perfect.

  8. Jim M.

    Laughable. Joe MIller continues to be a factor in this race; however, Mead isn’t.

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