38 thoughts on “Video: ‘Bill Walker went down to Juneau’

  1. Debbie on the Kenai

    I am fed up with negative political campaigning, and those who take part in developing or sharing political ads designed for character assassination. These people are dragging Alaska down into the mud. I refuse to be led by these people. Republican campaign managers are angry with Democrat Begich for nasty, untruthful ads, yet participate themselves on a regular basis, in the very same hateful activity…via Parnell’s camp with mean spirited, untruthful ads about Bill Walker and Byron Mallott.
    I agree wholeheartedly with Lindsay’s previous remarks. And I too stand firm with candidates who choose reason over character bashing, people over partisanship, and Alaska above all else! Alaska has had excellent Governors in the past who were not tightly aligned with political party bosses. Alaskans have opportunity today with the Walker/Mallott.
    Bill and Byron are lifelong Alaskans who emphasize their purpose to put statesmanship above politics. As Alaskans, the issues that divide is are small. The issues that Unite us are Great. Voting Walker/Mallott on November 4.

  2. Craig Fleener

    At least you are willing to admit the obvious. But, I can tell you, because I know him, Walker has been solid since he announced his candidacy. The governor has been solid as well – a solid big government overspender. He’s put our state in the most dire fiscal condition we’ve been in.

  3. Craig Fleener

    Interesting how folks want specifics from Walker on everything. But, they are willing to give the governor a pass on all the policies and administrative blunders that he’s had.

  4. Craig Fleener

    Sadly, no one spoke up with the more than 16% increases in spending that has occurred every year during the governor’s last 4 years. It’s the reason we must seriously look at budget costs. The governor is not fiscally conservative or responsible. This is the greatest challenge facing our state.

  5. AK Ann

    The creators were clever and talented, but then so are internet hackers. It is too bad there was no truth in it. Bill Walker is the candidate who has demonstrated he can be trusted, he knows what he is talking about and has the courage to stand up and do what is best for Alaska. How refreshing!

  6. Debbie McCann

    Lindsay, your comment is spot on! Furthermore , those that have slandered Bill Walker by calling him egotistical, power crazed, dishonest, corrupt, hear me ROAR! You do not know Bill Walker, have probably never met him, and just do not have a clue of the kind of man you are accusing of these despicable things. Bill is honest and of the highest integrity of any human being you could want to meet and you can ask people that truly know him about his character. Please slanderers, consider that the men running for office are husbands, fathers, sons, uncles, in some cases, Grandpa, brother and a human being with lots of friends and loved ones like you hopefully have. Really?! Can’t we all just choose respect?

  7. Lynn Willis

    While the mandatory future payment has been reduced retirement still is in the top three fixed costs for operating expenses. Well, it was not “magic” nor a stroke of fiscal “genius” only a simple paydown of principal with perhaps claims of “genius” and “magic” from a guy who makes his living in elected office. Bill Stoltz was correct.

  8. Lynn Willis

    You bring up a very good point about funding disclosure regarding this very professional-quality political advertisement. Is this the next legal equivocation by Parnell that a music video with a political theme played during an election season to denigrate a particular political candidate is not actually a poltical advertisement? Even if it was done by an individual or group not affiliated directly with the Parnell campaign aren’t they required to disclose who they are even if not the source of who paid for this? Hello, APOC are you there????

  9. Stockholder

    Amanda, isn’t this an illegal ad? Where did the Parnell people place the “Paid for By” required under Alaska law?

    One has grown very tired of the illegal conduct of the incumbent. First his campaign sent campaign emails to state workers- on state computers, with state email addresses. Now just how did Parnell’s campaign get those email addresses?

    Then there was the painting of the mansion- a $1.5 million dollar boondoggle when Parnell’s buddy Curtis Thayer went with the high bidder- who was not qualified to do the work. Really, who spends $1.5 million to paint a house? Normal paint jobs cost around $4,000 for a big house- exterior only, paint even included.

    Under Parnell we now have the biggest budget deficits in state history. Our savings built up under ACES will be wiped out in 4-5 years.

    Under the corrupt Parnell administration the PERS/TRS problem has gotten worse- local governments will need to raise property taxes to pay for millions in increased costs associated with HB385.

    Under the corrupt Parnell administration outsiders (non Alaskans) have been appointed to boards that set state policy. When the appointments were made, it was illegal under the law.

    Under the corrupt Parnell administration we’ve seen honest people fired, or demoted by telling the truth.

    Under the corrupt Parnell administration guard members who were raped were ignored by a governor too stupid, and too incompetent to act- for YEARS.

    Under the corrupt Parnell administration we’ve seen Parnell illegally cut the value of the pipeline so his former employers could pay less, and Fairbanks and Valdez residents could pay higher property taxes to make up the difference.

    Parnell is corrupt. His administration does not respect the law (one reason law enforcement supports Bill Walker). Parnell has violated his oath to uphold and defend the Alaska Constitution.

    Parnell should be sent to prison.

  10. Garand Fellow

    I guess we can disagree about metaphors; I think $3 billion (or even $2 billion plus $1 billion, if you like) is much more than a tourniquet. Yes, more billions will need to be added, and if it isn’t done quite soon then employers other than the state can expect to have to meet some portion of their shares. Right now the state pays for all PERS and TRS employers of course.

    I stick to my point however, and add that as Alaska governors go Parnell is the most fiscally prudent and adept that we have seen. Moreover, he is light years more honest about the situation than the Walker-Mallott team has been. Walker tells the education lobby that they can expect more money if he is elected but he tells voters that education (and Medicaid!) are on the table for cuts. How honest is that?

    I also disagree with your arithmetic. The paydown does actually reduce the absolute annual amount required over what would have been required without the paydown, substantially so. And $3 billion is the most Parnell could pull out of the 28th Alaska Legislature, and he had to work hard and effectively to get it done. There was a coalition of Democrats, conservative Republicans and liberal Republicans that favored simply reducing the annual amount using a “pay-as-you-go” scheme (essentially doing what the federal government does with veterans’ benefits, Social Security, Medicaid, etc.).

  11. Lynn Willis

    In response to your last posting, a person as smart as you cannot possibly be swayed by Larry Persily’s silly comment that we don’t have a spending problem because all we need is the “national will” to solve it. ACES didn’t put us on a path to poverty more than it kept the wolf away from the door for a few more years.
    Did I miss what Parnell is specifically going to cut from the budget? The new myth is that he has a secret “glide slope” plan to allow us to safely land and not experience the fiscal devastation of the late 80’s. I assume you find comfort in that secret plan because it removes your concern and allows you to support Parnell, I don’t.
    I voted “NO” on 1 to give this new tax regime a chance. I agree ACES was not going to generate the revenue it did with falling global oil prices and I was promised this was the panacea. You argue that a Senate Bill passed in April can result in billions of investment within months and that this investment was not planned years ago. By the way the national news is reporting oil at $87.50 / bbl so between tax credits for the harder to extract oil and the falling price, I don’t think Parnell is leading us to the Promised Land on oil. With a net tax, as prices fall we lose money even if production increases.
    Walker’s article is valid and brings forth some uncomfortable history of our being held in place by the lease holders. If any gas line is ever built it will be built when the producers want it, not under any impetus of the state Government especially when all we can afford is minority partnership. I understand you see every agreement and handshake as a “contract” indicating “tons of progress. I don’t. As to the value of AGIA data, who doesn’t have a plan for a gas line south from the North Slope to Livengood? That work was not done for the first time by Trans Canada. With AKLNG you again apparently see Trans Canada’s East from Livengood plans, for a different size pipe where nobody will build anything now, as well worth the 340 million we spent on AGIA.
    I will admit you have a tactical advantage now since the Division of Elections omitted Bill Walker from the fall voter guide. Apparently the Division of Elections was not aware that Bill was running. Where is the Republican lawsuit for voters not being represented on this issue?
    Beautiful day, I have to go rake leaves…..

  12. Jayme Miller

    Jon, Your point about the ADN op ed is spot on. It didn’t make sense to me to see Walker plug his 30 year track record when that track record never resulted in anything. Didn’t the North Slope pull out of AGPA while ago? I think Fairbanks stopped putting money into AGPA five years ago. Where can I look to see AGPA’s records – stuff like annual reports? Where money came from and where it went? There’s nothing on the website. Not exactly open and transparent from Bill Walker. Its like a big black hole.

  13. Lindsay Hobson

    Jayme – this is untrue. Bill resigned as mayor (he was elected to a 2-year term) one MONTH early to attend law school. The town celebrated his departure with a party in his honor.

    I am proud to be part of a campaign that provides volunteers with positive talking points to support its candidate, rather than lies to slander the other guy. It’s called integrity – and we could all use a lot more of it in politics.

    The comments here used to be thoughtful and insightful. But as we get closer to the election, people sense fear. So instead of continuing that thoughtful dialogue, the incumbent’s supporters are turning to lies. And unfortunately these supporters might not even realize they are spreading falsehoods by employing their campaign’s talking points.

    But I will stand firm with the candidate who chooses reason over banter, people over partisanship, and Alaska above all else.

    Good luck to your candidate Jayme – but please keep it honest.

  14. Jayme Miller

    Rob B., Yes. Bill Walker quit his job as Valdez mayor after a couple months. Byron Mallott quit his job as mayor of Yakutat, and then he quit again when he was Juneau mayor.
    I’m sure they had good reasons but a quitter is a quitter. We saw where that gets us in Alaska before.

  15. Jon K


    You don’t get it. I am concerned about the current fiscal reality. But I don’t share your doom and gloom. As Persily says we don’t have a fiscal problem, we have a political problem. We have he resources to deal with the fiscal issues. Moreover Parnell has taken steps to address it. More needs to be done but at least we know what he will cut. Not so w Walker.

    Regarding ACES – I was a big supporter at one point. And we absolutely owe our gigantic surpluses to the law. But anyone interested in accepting reality could see that ACES wasn’t working – it wasn’t attracting the capital and companies to get more oil into the pipe and more revenue to the state. We were losing billions year after year despite higher oil prices. Worse,, and this is the point that none of the ACES supporters seem to understand, ACES was a ticking time bomb. We couldn’t continue to pay for 50-70 percent of the capital costs of every project on the North Slope when production falls below 550k/day. Do you have any idea how state revenue would be getting creamed right now under ACES w all of the spending, current throughput levels, and $90 oil?

    ACES was putting us on a path to poverty and its supporters are oblivious to this fact. It’s actually pretty shocking how misinformed folks are on this point.

    Really Lynn it’s time to brush up on some basic facts. ACES wasn’t just failing to attract capital and companies to the state but it wasn’t sustainable. Parnell understands this. Walker doesn’t bc his thinking doesn’t go beyond bumper stickers.

    Regarding AGIA you keep ignoring a basic fact – a major reason why we have so much momentum with AK LNG is bc of the work completed under AGIA. Most of the money spent under AGIA hasn’t gone to waste.

  16. Lynn Willis

    Regarding your point #3, the “buy down” of the retirement obligation only eliminated that fixed cost for FY15. While the cash payment was necessary, what Parnell did was to spend $3 billion from savings and not make the normal payment from the Operating Budget for retirement. He then could claim he “cut spending” by reducing the operating budget. We still spent more than we earned. That claim that Parnell cut spending is not honest; however, that is the kind of claim I would expect from a career politician.
    Perhaps you are unaware that, according to State revenue projections, state retirement cost will now return to being one of the top three cost drivers (with education and medicade) for the state operating budget starting in FY2016 and into the foreseeable future. Representative Bill Stolze, on a local talk show, described the pension buy down not as a cure but as a tourniquet.

  17. Jack Morgan

    Too bad Mallott stands in Walker’s shadow like this morning’s lunar eclipse. Walker is incredibly power- hungry with a large ego. Buyer beware! These kind of politicians are only in the game for themselves. Walker is a political opportunist of the worst kind.

    Sean Parnell is leading Alaska in the correct direction and toward a brighter future.

  18. Garand Fellow

    Reading through the comments I have the following beliefs, ideas and answers. (1) I cannot say whether Walker completed his term as mayor but Mallott did not. He had no sooner been elected mayor, a job that paid $30,000 then he was hired to run the Permanent Fund, a job that likely paid $200,000 back then. He intended to keep both jobs but Juneau taxpayers insisted he choose one or the other. He chose the higher paying job but was fired from that soon afterwards – abruptly, after putting his fist into a wall in the course of disciplining an employee. PFC trustees and employees lauded that employee for bringing about the dismissal of what they then saw as a very poor hire. The fellow was lauded all the more because he was a bit of a pugilist himself and could have put Byron through the wall with one punch but he showed restraint to achieve what the agency most needed.

    (2) Governor Parnell is not corrupt. He is as straight-arrow and ethical as anyone I have ever met. It’s true he is an attorney, but he is able to rise above that.

    (3) Parnell has cut the budget more already than Walker and Mallott claim they will do, and he did it in a clever fashion. He paid down the public employee defined benefit unfunded liability, and that has the impact of reducing annual spending by more than $500 million. So is that magic? Yes, in a way it is. The funds were invested at a cash type return – low single digits – but the retirement funds have earned over 18% per year in each of the past 2 fiscal years. So intelligent financial moves can amount to budget cuts without cutting programs or dismissing employees. However, state spending will have to be reduced and it’s entirely fair to ask Parnell what programs will go first. It is not fair to ask that of Parnell and at the same time allow Walker-Mallott to merely say everything will be considered; cuts the size Walker claims would require eliminating notable and important programs in the very first year.

    (4) The Walker-Mallott ticket is getting away with being all things to all voters. They will dramatically reduce spending while increasing spending on large formula-funded programs. They are on both sides of social issues like pro-life v. pro-choice. Environmentalists, gay marriage advocates, pro-choice adherents, education lobbyists, and many other interest groups are missing what is entirely transparent. The media are not helping voters look behind the curtain. At this moment Walker is telling each community what they most want to hear and no one is demanding he resolve the conflicting statements. The media are helping to create a potential train wreck.

    (5) Why are lefty environmentalists backing Walker-Mallott when Sealaska clearcut timber on their own land and on village corporation land from Admiralty Island to Dall Island? The clearcuts are huge and didn’t even have stream buffers, even after state law required it in some cases such as around Klawock Lake (because the law allows avoiding buffers if the land is going to be put into something other than forestry after logging). Why is organized labor backing Walker-Mallott when these fellows have had long careers in Alaska without backing organized labor? Byron Mallott and Sealaska could have chosen to use union loggers but never did, and Sealaska logs could have supported the union mills in Ketchikan, Wrangell, Sitka and Metlakatla but instead the logs were exported on foreign ships. Why don’t the media ask these questions of the Sierra Club, AFLCIO and other special interests?

  19. Mae

    Classic 70’s pipeline boom offspring vid = reeks of 70’s pipeline boom family dysfunction + sh+t kicker, made in China, cowboy boots while driving a gas guzzling, big red, 6 wheel truck, that is surely over compensating for things we don’t care to know about.

  20. DB

    Hey, I like your “remember in November” saying. Seems like it mirrors the Great Alaska Schools motto and the NEA-Alaska position. That is, more and more money for a failing public education system.

  21. Lynn Willis

    I get your point which is to ignore current fiscal reality, ignore the billions in surplus revenue ACES provided while blaming ACES for all our ills, forget that Parnell already spent hundreds of millions on the first gas project he supported (AGIA) and is willing to fund two gas line projects now at the same time (AGDC/ASAP and AKLNG). I am to ignore the fact that what oil remains will be more expensive to retrieve and between falling oil prices and tax credits for that extraction the benefit of increased production may well be lost. I do get your point.

  22. Rob B

    Is it true what I’ve heard that neither Mallott or Walker ever finished out any of their terms as mayors after being elected? Amanda – do you know if this is fact?

    If it is, it seems people would be more concerned about this, especially considering the situation with our last governor…

  23. Emily

    Jon K. Is probably the most intelligent and well informed commenter on this news site. I appreciate Jon K keeping the less informed accountable.

  24. Northern Observer

    Walker – Mallott eitherdont have a clue what they are talking about or are huge fabricators of the truth. I suspect a little bit of both. First Walker says he’ll expanmd Medicaid and increase school funding. Then, he shows up in Juneau and Ketchikan and says that Medicaid expansion and school funding is on the chopping block and he’s committed to 16% overall reductions. Walker and Mallott were both opposed to SB 21. Yet, with the drop in oil prces and expected continued trend, Alaska will get hundreds of millions more in revenue than if ACES was in place. Either they don’t know or are just plain stupid. Neither is an acceptable answer for a ticket wanting to lead the state. I’m extremely disappointed in Walker and have never cared so much for Mallott. Afterall, Mallott quit his job as mayor of Yakutat, has a dismal record as head of Sealaska (he is good at losing money) and his known temper is in serious need of anger management therapy. Oh yes, I love the song.

  25. Lynn Willis

    Sorry, I mis-transcribed the first sentence from the Alaska Constitution. Article 10 Section 6: “The legislature shall provide for the performance of services it deems necessary or advisable in unorganized boroughs”.

  26. Lynn Willis

    Where does Parnell plan to cut? If that is a fair question for Walker it is more than fair for Parnell. Or is Parnell going to continue to dupe Alaskans into believing his greatest budgets in state history were essential and affordable and not to worry because he has a “wonder project” that will save us all?
    As to school funding, I say good for the Ketchikan Borough. When the spending of Parnell comes home to roost in a few years you might not be able to afford to live in Anchorage as more of the tax burden shifts to the organized boroughs, including the Municipality of Anchorage. According to Article 7 Section 1 of the Alaska State Constitution “The legislature shall by general law establish and maintain a system of public schools open to all children of the State.” So why do I have to pay about 50% of my local property tax for schools when folks in the Unorganized Boroughs do not? Is it constitutional for the legislature to tax me for schools by fiat and not all Alaskans? Since parts of the state are allowed to exist as unorganized boroughs where according to Article 10 Section 6 of the Alaska State Constitution: “The legislature shall for the performance of services it deems necessary….” I understand why voters on those regions will refuse to form organized boroughs. If you want proof of this, look at the recent election results in Delta Junction when they were given the opportunity to form a local government. I support Ketchikan and Bill Walker for forcing the Governor and Legislature to wake up to reality. Of course the majority “spendublicans” hate the idea of having to meet their Constitutional mandate. How else could we afford their pork fest?

  27. Derp

    I’ve got no love for Parnell, and plan on voting walker, but this video is great. Disappointed there was only one verse, it ended with me wanting to hear more. It’s reminiscent of a couple other AK conservative spoof songs I’ve heard on YouTube.. Think it’s probably the same guy

  28. Jon K

    Hey Jack – here four undeniable facts:

    1) SB 21 is bringing in more revenue to the state at today’s prices. If the repeal crowd prevailed we would see LESS money unless oil prices were over $110. Right now we are seeing prices around $90.

    2) we lost money bc of production declines not bc of SB 21. In fact we started deficit spending under ACES and saw a $4 billion drop in revenue between 2009 and 2012. Why? Because of production declines. Without more production we are screwed. ACES wasn’t getting us more production. This is why we needed to change the law.

    3) bc of SB 21 we are seeing a surge of activity on the North Slope – a ton of new companies are drilling and the existing companies are spending a huge amount of money in the legacy fields. BP, ConocoPhillips, Exxon, Linc, Brooks Range, Great Bear, Nordaq, Royale, Repsol, Hilcorp, Savant, Repsol, Caelus, and ENI are all pursuing exploration or development programs. Billions are being spent. This amount of activity from such a diverse group of players is unprecedented. The capital is coming to Alaska bc of SB 21.

    4) bc of SB 21 we have made huge strides on the LNG project and we have removed the issue of fiscal stability and oil taxes from the gas line discussions. This shouldn’t be discounted.

    Regarding Walker, why is it that his supporters get so angry by reasonable questions? Is it really out of bounds to ask a candidate or his supporters how will Walker accomplish his main objectives? Today he has a piece in the a ADN saying that if elected he will take control of the LNG project. Why can’t we ask how exactly will he do this and what will it cost? Is he going to change a law passed by 52-8? How is going to get out of the contracts that we’ve executed? Do we have the money to purchase a 51 percent equity stake and to continue to drive this project forward to a sanctioning decision? Maybe Dermot Cole could ask him? Ha!!

    And is it really unfair to ask how he plans to balance the budget? Isnt this just politics 101 – set a goal and explain to constituents how you can accomplish the goal?

  29. jack

    What “addss up” is that we are tired of graft and corruption in our state government. If Byron and Bill`s only “plan” is to get Parnell the heck out of there then I`m right there with them. What “adds up” is Alaskans desire to keep our fiscal sovereignty and our constitution which has been under attack by Parnell and his oil party. What “adds up” is the 8.5 billion we have in surplus because of ACES, which parnell was for when he was running for governor but “suddenly” changed his tune after he won, when he gave away the farm with BS21. What “adds up” is his attack on the land and subsistenecr rights of people across Alaska with conflicted legislation like HB77, which the people raised up and had pulled from committee consideration. The committee that shouted down Senator French`s attempts to question and possibly amend HB77, hoping to railroad it to the floor for a vote. What “adds up” are the billions Parnell`s policies and concessions have and will cost Alaska going forward.
    That`s what “adds up” to this voter,.. who`s tired of this; http://juneauempire.com/stories/102807/let_20071028011.shtml
    Remember in November to stand with, and vote for Bill Walker and Byron Mallot. Two successful and hard-working Alaskans each in their own right, but who together, will put Alaskans first, and not the windfall profits of a cartel controlling access to our north slope, resources, and infrastructure development. It`s time to take Alaska back. We won`t have another chance for decades if Parnell`s policies take seed, and we`ll certainly be hard-put to find two better Alaskans to replace Parnell Inc. and company. Alaska first. It`s time.

  30. Miss Dana

    Nearly all state employee positions in Southeast Alaska are located in Juneau. Bill Walker has promised a 16% reduction in state spending across the board with no programs spared for any reason. A 16% reduction in spending can only be made by cutting positions and programs. In Juneau, that 16% reduction would mean 683 fewer state employees. With no jobs, many of these good Alaskan families and children, (your neighbors and friends) will have to move away from Juneau. That same 16% cut by Walker to the Alaska Ferry System would mean 2 of our ferries are removed from service. The ferries are how we get our elders to medical and other appointments and travel around Southeast. I am not sure how many schools in Juneau would have to close with a 16% reduction in education spending. I am sure it is several. We do not need reckless budget cuts that destroy our towns and families.

    Mallott has sent a letter to supporters saying he got everything he wanted in his agreement with Walker. That means he must have agreed to the 16% budget cuts as well to troopers, VPSO’s, foster care programs, temporary assistance to needy families, adoptions payments, low income heating assistance, everything? Several of these programs are administered by our tribe, who with lower payments will have to layoff employees?

    I realize the figure is high with my calculations, but this is 16% – if you cut the programs you no longer need the staff to run the programs.

    This is the link to the Juneau debate when Walker states these budget cuts will happen:

    “Parnell later asked Walker if the 16 percent cut would apply to Medicaid and education funding.

    Walker once again said, “We need to put everything on the table … “

  31. Mike

    I am a sucker for a good ad/propaganda. I watched this multiple times because it was so funny. I want to know who did this video just so I can buy him/her a beer.

  32. Jon K

    A related problem is that nothing Walker says adds up. He claims he will deal with the deficits,which “horrify” him, yet he also says that he is going to dramatically expand spending on his priorities – on gas commercialization he wants the state to pay for 51 percent of the costs of a $45-65 billion project, he says he wants to fully fund education, expand health care access, and address the rural energy crises. Apparently during the Ketchikan debate he announced his support for Ketchikan’s lawsuit to force the state to pick up the entire tab for education spending. This alone will blow a huge hole in the budget. Bottom line, Walker, at times, provides specifity on where he wants government to spend money, but he will not say what he will cut.

    If Walker wants to put Alaskans first, it would be nice to see some specifics on his two top priorities: deficits and gas commerciliazation so Alaskans can make an informed decision on whether he should be our next governor.

  33. CPG49

    There’s an old saying I believe in – – that there’s truth in jest. Well, this video posted from You Tube certainly confirms this saying. Ole Bill Walker aint nothing if he’s not a shape shifter, willing to say heck with values and principles, and willing to make it up, tell one group one thing and the next something totally different. I’ll be the first to admit that Parnell isn’t perfect; but, he is a good man. That’s more than I’m comfortable saying about Walker.

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