Walker appoints Fisher as DOA commissioner. Re-appoints Hanley to DOE.

Gov. Bill Walker announced that he appointed Sheldon Fisher as the Commissioner of the Department of Administration, and that he re-appointed Mike Hanley as Commissioner of the Department of Education, who has been serving in that capacity since 2011. The release, below, has bio material on Fisher, who ran to the right against Rep. Don Young in 2010, and was most recently a COO for Bob Gillam’s McKinley Capital Management. But for those who want to know what Fisher’s like at home, watch the 2010 Dispatch video of him at home here.

Here’s the release:

Governor Bill Walker is pleased to announce the appointment of Sheldon Fisher as Commissioner of the Department of Administration.

“Sheldon has 20 years of management experience in the private sector that will be helpful in some of the challenges we have,” Governor Walker said. “He’s dealt with cost-cutting while increasing revenues. I’m very pleased to have Sheldon heading up the Department of Administration; it’s the center of state government operations.”

Fisher recently worked as Chief Operating Officer at McKinley Capital Management, LLC in Anchorage. Prior to McKinley, Fisher spent 15 years in the telecommunications industry—both in the Lower 48 and in Alaska. Fisher worked for six years at Alaska Communications, where he served as senior vice president of sales and product marketing.

While at Alaska Communications, Fisher was instrumental in the expansion of the wireless business, tripling revenue to $180 million, while the firm cut costs.  Prior to joining Alaska Communications, he worked at Sprint where he led the turnaround of a struggling division and saved the company a $1.7 billion investment.

Fisher earned an economics degree from Brigham Young University and a law degree from Yale University.

Fisher is proficient in Spanish. He and his wife Christine have seven children.

Governor Walker is pleased to approve the re-appointment of Mike Hanley as Commissioner of the Department of Education.

“I’ve met with Mike a number of times,” Governor Walker said. “He’s fully aware of the fiscal challenges going forth and yet committed to maintaining a high quality of education in the state of Alaska.”

Hanley has lived in Alaska since he was 10 years old, and is a product of the Alaska school system. He holds two degrees from the University of Alaska Anchorage—a master’s in educational leadership and a bachelor’s in K-8 education.

Hanley has served as Commissioner of the Department of Education since 2011. Prior to serving the state, Hanley worked for the Anchorage School District—14 years as a teacher and six years as a principal.

Prior to his career in education, Hanley owned and operated a commercial fishing business.


8 thoughts on “Walker appoints Fisher as DOA commissioner. Re-appoints Hanley to DOE.

  1. FGM

    AH HA, you are so confused it is Walker that’s buddies with Gillam, not Mallott.
    AH HA, where did you thinlk Walker got Halford from. You are so lame.

  2. AH HA

    The connection between Mallott and Fisher is more who than what…

    Fisher is a long term employee of Bob Gillams and The co-gov has maintained a closes association with Gillam every since the days when he helped Gillam fleece the permenant fund.

  3. Anonymous

    Hmmmm the number of deaths is about four times the number of Americans killed by Ebola in this country……perhaps the prez ought to deploy troops? Or perhaps health screenings prior to crossing state borders ought to be in place?

    Maybe a huge effort to find a workable vacine?

  4. AH HA

    Meanwhile, in what ought to be more concerning news, CDC reports today that flu has reached epidemic proportions in 36 states and that the most common strain around this year is H3N2 a type that your flu shot offers no protection against. Thus far flu has killed 15 children in the United states this year and the flu season is just beginning.

  5. John Q. Public

    Actually, Governor Walker did not- at least technically- re-appoint Mike Hanley.

    Under Alaska Statute, the Board appoints the commissioner: Sec. 14.07.145. Commissioner of education and early development. (a) The board shall appoint the commissioner of education and early development subject to the approval of the governor.

    My recollection is that Gov. Walker accepted Hanley’s resignation as Governor, and then made him acting commissioner. It’s unclear to me if there is a technical legal problem with him now making him permanent commissioner, although at the end of the day it won’t make a difference. It may very well be that the acceptance of a resignation can be “withdrawn,” so that the position was never “vacant.”

    Parnell “appointed” Hanley when the State Board was in the middle of selecting a new commissioner; When legal questions were raised (see http://peninsulaclarion.com/stories/033111/new_808336007.shtml), the Board quickly stopped their selection process, appointed Hanley, and then Parnell then confirmed what had been his own appointment.

    My recollection is that was the first time an Alaska Governor pre-empted the State Board process, and they rubber stamped it. State Board members do serve at the pleasure of the Governor, however, so it may very well have been done before but in a less blatant manner.

    Finally, none of the above should be viewed as a criticism of Mr. Hanley, who by many accounts has done an excellent job as Commissioner, and who will no doubt continue to do so into the future.

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