What would the left say if EPA ‘could-gag-a-maggot’ chief were a Republican?

The left is keeping with the worst of its tendency to resort to labeling Republicans as racist or bigoted when they say something they don’t agree with, and yet remains silent when their own says something insensitive. Most recently, it’s going after Rep. Paul Ryan for this comment made during an interview: 

We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work, and so there is a real culture problem here that has to be dealt with.

Ryan has since apologized.

Imagine what the left would say if Ryan visited one of those inner cities, accepted a gift of food from a child prepared by the child’s family, and later told a Wall Street Journal reporter that it was food that “could gag a maggot.”

From what I can find, there’s been absolutely no condemnation of the EPA chief Gina McCarthy’s remarks from the culturally sensitive, non-racist left.

Alaska state Rep. Doug Isaacson, a Republican from North Pole, offered a resolution on the House floor condemning the EPA chief’s remarks and calling for her dismissal. He withdrew it due to technicalities but plans on reintroducing the resolution.

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9 thoughts on “What would the left say if EPA ‘could-gag-a-maggot’ chief were a Republican?

  1. Not enough said,

    You know you’re probably right. I mean, why would anyone ever lump a U.S. Senator with somebody that they helped get into office?

    Instead of flaunting a straw-man argument, maybe we should look at the things that our representatives say and do, and hold them accountable? In this instance, Mark Begich voted to confirm Gina McCarthy into the position she is in now. Mark Begich supported Gina and voted to get her into office. Did he vote for her knowing that this would happen? Absolutely not.

    But imagine with me if you will, a giant pile of shit in the middle of a room in which we’re all standing. Now, imagine that we’re unable to leave this room. Quite quickly, people start realizing that this pile of shit needs to go! A small portion of the people who are downwind from said pile of shit seem especially adamant about this decision. Lets just call them Alaskans. And these Alaskans are just getting the worst of it; and lately, it has been blowing pretty hard downwind.

    Removing a giant pile of shit is no easy task, and for some reason there are a lot of rules regarding its removal. But that’s not what these people who are getting speckled by tiny bits of fecal matter want to hear! They start screaming out, “Who brought all this SHIT, into the room!?”.

    About a hundred people step forward from the crowd, some with shit on their hands, some without. Lets imagine now that these are our U.S. Senators – and that all of the people who have shit on their hands, they’re the Senators who voted for McCarthy. Well these Senators with their shit-crusted hands they scream back “I didn’t bring ALL this SHIT into the room! You can’t blame me”. And while not a single one among them was guilty of bringing the whole pile of shit into the room. Those who added their shit into the pile, well they added just enough to create what we’re talking about today. And incase you didn’t know what we were talking about anymore; We’re talking about a giant metaphorical pile of shit, known as Gina McCarthy, who is continually splattering shit all over the hopes and dreams of Alaskans.

    That’s why people are mad at Begich. Our representative isn’t supposed to help shit on our dreams. I don’t recall Uncle Ted dropping trow and blowing a Cleveland Steamer all over his fellow Alaskans.

    But hey, Willie – If a press release from the Begich office and a half-hearted apology citing ‘unfortunate remarks’ are enough for you, good on ya buddy. That takes a whole-lotta-something that I don’t think most Alaskans have in them, a convincing shit-eating grin.

  2. willie g.

    McCarthy’s comment was a stupid mistake. Hopefully she at least feels embarrassed and remorseful. I don’t think it is fair to try to hang her comment around Begich’s neck. That’s the equoivalent of saying that all Republicans are crooks because Dick Nixon was. I have no argument with those who want to slap McCarthy for her arrogant and insensitive comment. I do think it is unfair to try to implicate Begich. Enough said.

  3. jean

    Hey Vickie, I’m sorry but I just don’t buy into Begich’s big brave comment that “it was uncalled for”. Frankly, I think Senator Ted Stevens would have stood up for Alaska a bit more. Maybe I’m bitter because I’m sick and tired of Obama, his EPA and DOI fighting Alaska at every turn and then having to listen to Begich serving as their chief apologist. Maybe in and of itself, it isn’t that big of a deal. Given all the other federal over reach, I think this says a lot of how the folks inside the beltway treat our state. I want a senator who will fight for Alaska. Mark Begich has never been a fighter. We miss Ted Stevens. Please know that my disagreement is not reflective towards you but rather the unfortunate situation. I respect your position but differ in opinion.

  4. Vickie McCubbin

    If the speaker was left, right, or in the middle the comments were culturally insensitive and no, they have not been ignored. Senator Mark Begich, our Democratic Senator has called the comments “totally uncalled for.” As a matter of note, I have lived in Alaska all of my life, do not happen to be Alaska Native, and eat moose meat.

  5. Donna W.

    Touche !! The EPA administrator deserves to be slapped for her insensitive and unprofessional behavior. She’s an elitist greenie through and through.

  6. Dan Svatass

    You can’t be serious.

    Words like “inner city” and “urban” have been used as code for “black people” for decades.

    By contrast, all the Secretary said was that the jar of moose meat she was given by an Alaskan was pretty gross. There was no reference to the gift giver’s race. In fact, most Americans would find a jar of moose meat pretty unappetizing.

    You’re really stretching to draw some sort of parallel between two wildly-different statements.

  7. Lynn Willis

    So now let us all engage in a race to the bottom. Those of us in political center should condemn both of these insensitive elitist remarks. Today too many would feign offense by only one of them so as to cling to the belief of ‘my party right or wrong’.

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