Will Hobby Lobby ruling have on impact on Alaska’s Senate race?

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the now-well known Hobby Lobby case that companies can opt out of providing contraception coverage under Obamacare. The ruling marks the first time that the Supreme Court has allowed companies the ability to declare a religious belief.

The ruling could have huge implications for other mandates under ObamaCare. But it’s also a decision that will likely have implications in the upcoming Alaska Senate race. All three GOP Senate candidates–Dan Sullivan, Mead Treadwell, and Joe Miller–are on record supporting Hobby Lobby, something that Sen. Mark Begich, in his bid for reelection, is likely to make an issue out of.

Alaska may be a red state, but it is not known as a Christian conservative state, and polls have suggested that the state is more pro-choice than not. Although there are more men in Alaska than there are women, women vote in greater numbers than do men. About 257,000 men were registered to vote in Alaska’s 2012 general election. Only 147,588 voted. In that same election, about 248,000 women were registered to vote and 152,075 did so.

The issue is likely to resonate with many of those women. I’ll have more as the press releases roll in.

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