Young apologizes and might have to do so again

Everyone will tell you that the first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem. Rep. Don Young did that in a speech at AFN today, where he said that he “mangled” some statements about suicide recently as a result of personal issues with the issue: namely, the suicide of his own nephew.

“I will tell you how many times I’ve asked myself, ‘Did I do enough? Did I take a nephew away from an abusive father? Did I love him enough? Did I do enough?’ And apparently I did not,” he said.

Young’s even running an ad, kind of sort of admitting to the problem. Listen to that here:


The AFN crowd is generally a forgiving bunch. And it all might have ended there, if not for this video from KTUU. Whether or not it’s fair or legit, is beside the point, it’s out there. And it’s going to hurt.


8 thoughts on “Young apologizes and might have to do so again

  1. Sam P.

    The dogs may bark but the caravan moves on. Don Young, never too old to keep ’em frothing at the mouth. Love him!

  2. Jon S.

    Two things worth noting are,
    1, Don Young will win re-election. The Dems need a real candidate. Not someone running as part of an internship.
    2. Bayshore calls it on the nose with his comment.

  3. Jeremy Price

    Scariest part of this is that the media can create news. kTUU clearly mic’d up this woman and attempted a sting investigation. How is this objective reporting? Naturally, the ADN then includes it in their story.

  4. Lynn Wilis

    Don will be re-elected. Too bad Don didn’t stick to the topics mentioned in that audio recording. He needed to hear what that woman told him and he looked stunned in the video after hearing her so maybe it did some good.

  5. Bayshore

    Note to Jeff Landrum –
    Do your part to help eliminate stupidity in Alaska and relocate to the Loewr 48.

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