Young: Caught on camera

U.S. Rep. Don Young, not known for always being appropriate, was caught on camera on Tuesday being particularly inappropriate as one of his colleagues, Rep. Scott Garrettwas talking about a bill to rename a post office after Joseph D’Augustine, who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2012.  Watch the video here. 
Don Young yucking it up
Matt Shuckerow, Young’s spokesperson, sent a statement to The Daily Caller, which first had the story:

“ The House cameras caught Congressman Young in a light-hearted moment interacting with a colleague. As a veteran himself, his actions were obviously not related to the legislation being discussed on the House floor and he clearly meant no disrespect.”


9 thoughts on “Young: Caught on camera

  1. akmom

    Fyi. Stupid auto correct is evil and constantly replaces “no” with “know”. I don’t blame that on Don by the way.

  2. akmom

    Sorry, Sourdough. I don’t trust him and I know longer respect him. He needs to go. He is embarrassing and no longer in a position of power. We need to replace him since he know longer has the good sense to step down.

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