Quote of the day: State Sen. Fred Dyson conducts research on condoms

From a speech by Sen. Fred Dyson on the Senate floor about state funding for family planning. He also said that women could ship contraception to Alaska, including by “GoldStreaking” it on Alaska Airlines:

I did some research…There are a dozen places here in town at least where you can buy condoms, a dollar a piece. There are some exotic ones that are more than that, an amazing variety. And talk with the pharmacist, birth control pills are $18-30 per month. By comparison, in the vending machines down here the pop is $1.75-$2.50 per bottle. You know, 4-5 lattes will pay the $18 per month. So it is my position no one is prohibited from having birth control for economic reasons.


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day: State Sen. Fred Dyson conducts research on condoms

  1. AKMom

    I especially like how he managed to insult every female in every demographic. That was very special. Good thing he is retiring. Oh, and good riddance.

  2. Mae

    Somebody tell stooooopid that before I get to purchase my cheap birth control pills (instead of a latte), I pay for a doctor visit. Which is around $120 to $160.

    I so tire of our elected clueless idiots.
    Dyson needs to take his condoms and stay in extreme bible study class where he belongs.

  3. Lynn Willis

    I can’t believe the legislature didn’t hire another consultant for hundreds of thousands of dollars to gather the information Fred did from a pharmacy down the street from his office.
    Also, why do politicians scale out costs in ‘Lattes’? Seems that every school bond promotion includes an estimate of how few ‘Lattes’ the bond will cost taxpayers. To soften the blow, maybe all future government budgets will be expressed in ‘Lattes’ and international currency exchanges will include ‘Alaskan Lattes’. .

  4. Anonymous Female

    Thank you Senator Dyson. Your research has opened eyes like never before. Truly amazing research. Based on your findings, I am counting on our STD rate here in Alaska, the highest in the country, to disappear overnight. Why didn’t anyone but you ever think to do this before?

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