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Official says rollout of pot legalization in Colorado ‘extremely smooth’

The campaign to legalize pot in Alaska is highlighting comments made by Ron Kammerzell, deputy senior director of enforcement at the Colorado Department of Revenue, who said in a recent interview that rules governing the state’s recent legalization of pot “have performed pretty well thus far.” Kammerzell told Vox that those who have predicted post-legalization chaos have proven to be wrong.

“(T)he average person would say it was much ado about nothing,” Kammerzel said, referring to pre-legalization concerns. “I would say that the rollout was extremely smooth, the sky hasn’t fallen like some had predicted, and we’re moving forward and trying to fine tune this regulatory model.”

A Quinnipiac University Poll  poll by shows that by a margin of 52 to 38 percent, Colorado voters believe that legalizing marijuana has been good for Colorado.

The poll and the comments by Kammerzel and others in Colorado, including the governor, run counter the narrative being created by the campaign that’s fighting legalization.

The campaign, “Big Marijuana. Big Mistake,” has portrayed Colorado’s experience as a dangerous, chaotic mess that voters regret.

It’s not been all smooth in Colorado, however, There has been an uptick in emergency room visits. So-called “edibles” have been a particular problem. A handful of children have gotten their hands on goods, baked with pot, and two recent deaths have been attributed to them.

The legalization question will be on the general election ballot in November.

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