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Joe Miller’s fundraising is looking up–reports $101,000 in 1st quarter

GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller reported raising $101,000 in the first quarter of the year, which ran from January to March. It’s a significant increase from the $30,490 he raised in the last fundraising quarter. No loans have been made to the campaign, he says, and he has $300,000 cash on hand, much of which was rolled over from his 2010 run.

Miller will make an official campaign announcement on April 21.

Dan Sullivan, his primary challenger, reported raising $1.4 million in the quarter. Mead Treadwell has yet to release his numbers. Sen. Mark Begich raised a little more than a $1 million.

Unlike Sullivan, Miller is running a grassroots campaign. He’s meeting with small groups, mostly in Fairbanks, were he lives, and in the Valley, where his support is strong.

In a press release, Miller’s campaign reminds people that money doesn’t buy elections. “In the 2010 primary election, Miller won the Republican Party nomination against the incumbent senator with approximately $300,000,” the release says. “In mid-July of 2010, about a month from Election Day, the senator reported over $2 million on-hand to Miller’s $125,000.”

That incumbent senator is Lisa Murkowski, who lost to Miller in the primary, but won in the general in a write-in campaign.

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Unlike other candidates for U.S. Senate, Joe Miller isn’t dithering

You can say a lot about Joe Miller, and as time goes on, much will be said. But, unlike other potential GOP candidates for U.S. Senate, you can’t accuse him of being a ditherer.

Politico is reporting that on May 2 — weeks ago — Miller filed a Federal Election Commission Form 2 stating his intent to run for Senate next year. “It’s a document that any candidate must complete upon receiving more than $5,000 in contributions to a political campaign or authorizing another party to take in over $5,000 in contributions,” Politico wrote.

In the meantime, Lt. Mead Treadwell is still testing the waters. On May 6 he told reporters that he was, “intensifying our efforts to explore the viability of a run for the U.S. Senate in 2014.”

He said this after Gov. Sean Parnell announced that he wouldn’t go for the seat, signaling to the state that Treadwell may believe that Parnell would be a better candidate than he would. Or, at the very least, that Treadwell would have stepped aside for the sake of decorum.

That’s one way to come out of the gate with conviction in what is likely to be the most expensive, hard fought race in Alaska history.

Another much talked about candidate, DNR Commissioner Dan Sullivan, is also reported to be deciding. Or dithering.

And this just in: Sources inside the beltway have confirmed that Sarah Palin has commissioned an in-depth Alaskan poll to determine if she stands a chance at the seat. She doesn’t, and she likely won’t run. But at least her dithering is interesting.

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