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Two more conservative super-PACs enter Alaska’s U.S. Senate race

Two more conservative super-PACs have entered Alaska’s U.S. Senate race, both of which are opposing Sen. Mark Begich. According to FEC reports, the Conservative Majority Fund is spending $491 on “contact calls.” The second group, the Conservative Strikeforce, will be spending $1,125 on voter contact calls and emails.

Scott B. Mackenzie is listed as the treasurer for both of the groups and both groups share the same address in Arlington, Va. Dennis Whitfield, former Deputy Secretary of Labor under President Ronald Reagan, is listed as Conservative Strikeforce’s chairman.

The groups are only spending a pittance, but according to political consultant Ben Nuckels with Joe Slade White & Company, $1,000 can buy as many as 66,000 robo calls. If that’s what they’re doing, which is likely. The Conservative Majority Fund has gotten the most press for its robo calls, particularly those that promulgated the conspiracy that President Obama isn’t a citizen. In 2012, the Huffington Post reported the following call which came from the group:

Our only recourse now is to move forward with the full impeachment of President Obama. We suspect that Obama is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and that there may be grounds for impeachment as is laid out in the constitution. Further, he may not even be a U.S. citizen because nobody, I mean no one, has seen an actual physical copy of his birth certificate. Impeachment is our only option. And Republicans are already considering Obama investigations. As the nation’s most effective conservative group we are launching the official impeach Obama campaign.

Let’s just hope they’ve got your number and not mine.

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