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GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller goes up on air

Below is GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller’s first television ad, which will run on cable, and maybe broadcast. (I’m waiting to hear back from the campaign on that.) Miller’s spokesperson said that he’s also going up with at least one radio ad that will run through the August 19 primary. The ad reinforces the narrative that Miller’s been weaving throughout the election season: Namely, that he’s the only “true” conservative in the race. As expected, the ad touches on traditional tea party talking points: Abolishing the IRS, balancing the budget, gun rights and immigration. These are all things that Miller has spoken about repeatedly on the stump. What might be surprising to some who view Miller as a fire-breathing radical, is the ad’s warm tone. Notice the upbeat music, the lack of attacks on his opponents. how he holds a baby. It’s not the softest of all ads, but it does have a human touch, something that many in the state haven’t seen from Miller.