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GOP Senate candidate Sullivan’s new ad focuses on Alaska ‘roots’

Doubts raised about GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s Alaska creds must be working, because the campaign just put out in a response to those claims, using one of the best weapons they have: Sullivan’s wife Julie Fate Sullivan. The new ad isn’t exactly a roaring response, but it sets the stage for what could be one. ”I’m a lifelong Alaskan, born and raised here.  Our roots go back thousands of years,” says Fate, which is more than any other spouse of any other Senate candidate can say.

Much is known about Sullivan. Less, however is known about his wife, who will likely play a larger, more visible role in the campaign, particularly if Sullivan wins the primary.

Fate, of Athabaskan descent, is the daughter of Mary Jane and Hugh “Bud” Fate, a highly respected Alaska couple from Fairbanks. Continue reading