Confusing quote of the day

“The inadequate rate of reimbursement by the Indian Health Service to Alaska’s tribal health system is another example of a broken promise by the federal government. The State of Alaska should not be expected to backfill this expense.”

Gov. Sean Parnell’s spokeswoman Sharon Leighow in an ADN story about how Medicaid expansion would boost federal funds for Alaska Native healthcare. But had Parnell chosen to expand Medicaid, the federal government would backfill this expense by paying 100 percent of the cost for three years and 90 percent after.


4 thoughts on “Confusing quote of the day

  1. FGH

    I am so disappointed with the Parnell administration’s closed mindedness and conservative knee jerk reactions. If the governor listened to Alaskans as much as he listens to the Club for Growth types, he would be a much better governor. My hope for Governor Parnell in 2014 is that he becomes more engaged, thinks on his own more and be a compassionate and empathetic leader.

  2. Lynn Willis

    . That is an amazingly condescending statement by Ms. Leighow. From that statement I will conclude that the only Alaskans actually “entitled” to health care involving any state government expense are the elected officials for whom we pay their health insurance premiums.

    I guess all other Alaskans are lucky to have whatever health benefit they do have and should just stop pestering the Alaska ruling class. If you are going to spend millions, isn’t the new forty million dollar Legislative Information Office (LIO) Building in Anchorage much more worthy of the expenditure of state funds than this thirty million dollar expense to expand Medicade to help Alaskans?

  3. Melinda

    Not sure what the quote is really saying. Sounds a bit contrite, callous and sort of borders on a hint of racism. I read this in the Anchorage Daily News and wondered about it. Presumably, you did as well.

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