Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 11.5

  • Election Night was insane! Lots of races and surprises.  Some cried. Some laughed. Many of us hardly slept. Apparently Democracy means that not everyone is happy and a lot of people are exhausted.
  • The Governor’s race is still uncertain with both campaigns taking the high ground by being cautiously optimistic. There are lots of places to read articles with varying degrees of analysis. The Juneau Empire, KTVA,
  • Anchorage Bowl and their 21 legislative seats covered by the Dispatch. The biggest surprises of the evening are the uncertain future of the Matt Claman/Anand Dubey and the Laurie Hummel/Gabriel LeDoux races.
  • Interior Alaska has the benefit of the Fairbanks News Miner that has broken down the different races for easy digestible bits. Want a general overview of Fairbanks area election results? They have you covered. Want to know about their state senate races?  Here you go!  What?  There are also individual articles about the surprise Adam Wool win and the Scott Kawasaki (Both of which were predicted here.)

  • South East has you covered for the predictable outcomes regarding these races. The Juneau Empire explains the wins and the reasons behind the results.
  • Many across the state celebrated the results of the ballot measures. We now have legalized pot, a higher minimum wage, and added step regarding Pebble Mine and here in Anchorage the repeal of an unpopular labor law.  The Juneau Empire covered BM 3 and 4 (Think Progress explains what the extra step is and what it means) while the Dispatch has an article on BM 2 and Anchorage’s BM 1.
  • Congressman Young won his 22nd Congressional race making him the longest serving Congressman in history. The Week has a quickie summation on his landslide victory.
  • Sabato’s Crystal Ball’s Final 2014 picks are fun to use when comparing other outlets final results for the U.S. Senate, especially regarding Alaska. The New York Times, Politico, and KTUU.  The AP has the final results of compiled exit polling from across the state as an explanation behind many of the races’ results. Or you could read Politico’s eloquent summation:  Voters hate Everyone.
  • Outside many political wonks are mulling over what happen last night and what that means for the future. Politico explains how the Democrats lost the Senate and the AP explains how Republicans won it.  The Hill wonders if it might be time for the Democratic Party members to elect new leaders and if last night served as a wake-up call to President Obama.  The HuffingtonPost‘s lead story is titled, “Ouch”. I think that says it all.
  • Nat Herz offered a tiny view into the hard working reporters’ lives at election central last night. It was very much a political mullet.  All work in the front and a party in the back. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 11.5

  1. AH HA

    Let the cards fall where they may.

    May there be Hot Tar and Feathers followed by a public flogging for the first person on either side who mentions lawsuit.

  2. Russ Brown

    Just a quick reminder of history – in 2008, Senator Begich was down by 3k votes against Ted Stevens and the rural/absentee vote pushed him over the edge – there’s still good precedence for him staying in this race until every vote is counted, especially considering how little work Sullivan did in Rural and Village Alaska. I look forward to seeing the final tally with absentee and early ballots

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