Koch brothers group attacks Begich on ObamaCare

Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers’ funded group, announced that it was spending $3.5 million on anti-ObamaCare ads targeting three of the most vulnerable Senate Democrats who are up for re-election next year. Among them is Mark Begich. The others are Kay Hagan of North Carolina and Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana.

From what I can tell, all of the ads feature some variation of a woman talking directly to the audience. As Begich knows, and as the Koch brothers are catching on to, Alaska women will likely decide the outcome of the Senate race in Alaska.


2 thoughts on “Koch brothers group attacks Begich on ObamaCare

  1. akmom

    Well, then, they are going to have to hire an actual Alaskan woman to talk to me if I am one of the deciding factors because this just cemented my vote for Begich.

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