Loren Leman back for another round?

For God knows what reason the interest in the 2014 lieutenant governor’s race — one of the most boring jobs in state government and not that much more exciting to report on — is drawing the attention of real candidates. So far, Sen. Lesil McGuire is in. Mayor Dan Sullivan is making noises, and former Lt. Governor Loren Leman is reportedly spending significant time on the phone talking to big contributors and party operatives — the five or so left in Alaska — about getting into the race as well.

In November 2002, Leman was elected to serve as the tenth lieutenant governor of Alaska and was the first candidate of Alaska Native ancestry elected to statewide office. Prior to that, he was a legislator serving West Anchorage 14 years. Leman, assuming he runs, will inherit the mantle and support of the conservative right wing of his party. You know, those people who actually vote in primaries. Good for him that it’s a small state and folks often have opportunities to meet and interact with candidates. Leman is always more charming and human in person than he is on television.

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