Mayor Dan Sullivan taking a stab at lite gov?

Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan is said to be considering taking a stab at lieutenant governor in 2014. Sources say that he’ll announce when current Lt. Gov Mead Treadwell at long last officially announces his run against U.S. Sen. Mark Begich.

That announcement is expected to come at the end of June.

Nobody really grows up wanting to be Alaska’s lieutenant governor. In fact (to plagiarize myself), if it’s true as Vice President John Nance Garner once put it that the vice presidency isn’t worth a “warm bucket of spit,” then being lieutenant governor of Alaska certainly isn’t worth a frozen one. The only job that’s constitutionally mandated is being the figurehead for the Division of Elections, whose day-to-day operations are run by a very competent Gail Fenumiai. The lieutenant governor is also the keeper of the State Seal. Whatever that means and whatever that entails. it presumably has nothing to do with a mammal.

However, the job can be a stepping stone to higher office. And since we have so few of them in Alaska, it likely means that Sullivan is eyeing the governor’s seat in 2018. (Because he hates to fly, U.S. Rep. Don Young’s seat is likely off the table for Sullivan.)

One thing is for sure, if the other Dan Sullivan, the DNR commissioner, does choose to run against Begich, we’ll all be Sullivan-saturated.

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