Meet GOP Senate candidate Sullivan’s wife, Julie Fate Sullivan.

Meet GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s not-so-secret weapon:┬áJulie Fate Sullivan.


17 thoughts on “Meet GOP Senate candidate Sullivan’s wife, Julie Fate Sullivan.

  1. stephen e hansen

    go sullivan! the west needs more republicans! if only you were running in california and helping take back the golden state from the barbarians! stephen of portola valley

  2. JRE

    i’m not interested in whether or not he has a “big heart”…..i’m only interested in whether or not he will fit the bill and keep Alaska’s interests first. He seems to have used his positions as stepping stones and I don’t support anyone who is not 100% for ALASKA and ALASKANS ……We want our borders secure, we want illegal immigration stopped NOW, we want our elected officials to stop spending more on wasteful crap and more on defense. ANY country is only as powerful and effective as its military…..and we need it built up not broken…..that goes for our space shuttles as well. Russia has proven that we cannot count on them to keep the only active space program going….its used not only as a tool but their power in the space age technology is being used against us…..Stop welfare programs and get folks off their collective asses and get back to work….i’m tired of supporting families simply because they’re getting too much from welfare to go to work….seems like its an upside-down situation…, quit giving away out money….that would be the starting list.

  3. Rob

    Something about Sullivan I can’t bring myself to vote for him, I don’t care for Treadwell, everybody makes mistakes I think J. miller is the best choice going forward for the state and the nation.
    Rob R.

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  5. Garand Fellow

    Great ad, very sincere.

    Barack Obama has been very bad for Alaska. Harry Reid has been very bad for Alaska. Mark Begich has been very good for Barack Obama and Harry Reid. End of story.

  6. Sandra S.

    I admire a candidate who has a strong spouse who is smart and articulate. Julie Sullivan appears to be a class act. From talking with friends, I’ve heard many good things about her. I like the confidence that Dan Sullivan has to put his wife on television. I’m still up in the air assuming the two candodates are Begich and Sullivan which looks like will be the case. While I voted for Begich last time, I am undecided at this point because he seems too liberal and supportive of causes against Alaska’s interest. Still, I remain undecided and hope that the candidates will discuss the real issues and all this residency crap is pushed aside in favor of real issues.

  7. Al T.

    Liked this commercial. Sullivan has been a terrific candidate and one that can win this election. His resume is as good as they get. He is well educated, a Marine and has tremendous experience working in the White House, State Department and in Alaska as our Attorney General and DNR Commissioner. Compared to all the other candidates inmcluding the incumbent, I think he’s head and shoulders above the rest. I don’t understand the obsession that Begich and Treadwell have with Sullivan’s residency. I think their real fear is that they know he’s a great candidate and will be our nexxt U. S. Senator which suits me just fine.

  8. 357

    This is a good ad. All this residency bullshit is just that. Most Alaskans have come from somewhere else and have made this their home. Many of our statewide public officials were born somewhere else. What disgusts me about this whole debate is the fact that Dan Sullivan was serving his country. He put his life in harms way. I appreciate his service to our country and am disgusted that Begich is trying to make his absence from the state an issue. Begich should be ashamed of himself. Now that I think about it, he probably is and that’s why he’s slinging mud and being so negative because he doesn’t want to talk about his record being Obama’s lap dog.

  9. Make it Stop

    “Hi, I’m Mae, and I just have to keep writing this over and over again and not get specific about WHO WAS IN THE PICTURE!”

  10. Mae

    Hopefully the Sullivan campaign exercised RESPECT for those pictured in the ad and legally aquired permission to use their image. There is issues with LACK OF RESPECT with L48 Sullivan’s first ad.

  11. A previously undecided Alaskan Voter

    Well, that convinced me. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and I wasn’t sure who I should vote for in the Republican Primary. I knew I had to pick one of them, because we have to get Begich out of office no matter what. I’m not gonna lie, this ad took me by surprise. Consequently, it has definitely helped me decide who I’m supporting in the Primary. Come this August, I will be voting for All-Alaskan Candidate Julie Fate!

  12. Ben

    He fell in love with an Alaskan, he fell in love with Alaska. Sounds like a story familiar to many Alaskans, myself included.

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