Paging Jerry Prevo: They’re not all like that.

A new project was launched on Thursday, giving voice to Christians who support gay rights. It is inspired by Dan Savage, the editor of Seattle’s Stranger and the creator of the “It Gets Better” project. The name of the new project,“Not All Like That,” comes from an interview where Savage talked about Christians who supported gay rights and who quietly condemned anti-gay Christians by telling him,“we’re not all like that.” Savage’s response: “Don’t tell me, tell the anti-gay Christian leaders who claim to speak for all Christians.”

Now there’s a place for those Christians to do just that. Not All Like That provides a platform for “NALT Christians” to post their videos and demonstrate their support for LGBT people.

From the website:

It’s time for us true NALT Christians—the ones who genuinely aren’t like that—to speak up and be heard, to affirm LGBT people as loudly and clearly as anti-LGBT Christians condemn them. We must stand up for young LGBT people, who are so vulnerable to feeling worthless and shunned. We must eradicate the culturally inculcated moral underpinnings that serves to support such bullying. And we must bring to the fore a renewed Christianity that, instead of standing for anti-gay bigotry, stands for the integrity and love that Jesus Christ himself so radically stood for.