Quote of the day: Register for the Alaska Women’s Summit now

The Women’s Summit is right around the corner, Oct. 16 and 17. From the description:

Join us for a two day summit focused on creating a better future for all Alaskan women. We’re calling on Alaska’s brightest women to come together to work on finding answers to the toughest questions facing Alaskan women and families. This year’s summit will be focused on building communities of change, self-advocacy and the glass ceiling, and how empowerment and mentorship are such vital tools in developing young women. Register Now >>>


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day: Register for the Alaska Women’s Summit now

  1. Anna

    MsAnonymous –
    Sit back, complain and throw rocks. Surely, you are a miiserable Dem unhappy with your parrty’s leadership. Heck, the head of your ticket is a right wing Republican reject. I would suggest that you redirect yout misery and have your own women’s forum with your own picks of women. Oh gee, that would take work. Wouldn’t it be easier to just take on a couple of Republican rejects instead like your party did with its gubernatorial ticket? For me, I applaud the organizers and wish I wouldn’t be out of town those days.

  2. Alaska Pi

    anonymous- If you track down the whole shebang, Fran Ulmer is also on the list of facilitators, but I agree about the lineup being askew .
    A whole bunch of “business leaders” , Republican politicians, and a general under the cloud of the ANG mess are the best we can get to deal with issues peculiar to women in this state? Jeez Louise!

  3. Anonymous

    Why are all the politicians for this event Republicans? You know there are capable women of other political persuasions.

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