Super-PAC supporting Senate candidate Dan Sullivan releases first tv ad

The mouthful of a super PAC,  Alaska’s Energy/America’s Values, which supports U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan, released its first TV ad of the election cycle. The PAC is run by long time Alaska-based GOP political consultant Art Hackney who said that the buy total was $41,000. The ad features Sullivan, Ronald Reagan and Ted Stevens. Sullivan’s campaign has yet to release a television ad.


4 thoughts on “Super-PAC supporting Senate candidate Dan Sullivan releases first tv ad

  1. Tim

    Mr or Ms Willis – I think you misread the article. The time buy is for $41000 not the production of the spot. As I’m sure you’ve heard, politics sometimes make strange bedfellows. Hackney is opposed to Pebble, Sullivan is very pro-development and was a supporter of allowing the Pebble project work its way thru the permitting process. But you should also note that this is a super pac meaning that Hackney and Sullivan CANNOT coordinate on any level. I think you’re right, we’ll be seeing a lot of these just like the many, many ads we’ve already seen supporting Begich from 3rd party groups just like this one.

  2. Brad

    Hackney may or may not agree with Sullivan on Pebble Mine, but he obviously believes Sullivan is what Alaska needs in a Senator. Nice ad.

  3. Lynn Willis

    This is outside money creating a paid-for image and we better get used to it.. You mention this was created by Art Hackney for $41,000. Is this the same Art Hackney who was paid to demonize the Pebble Mine project? Should I therefore assume Dan Sullivan actrually opposes the Pebble Mine since he approves of funding the same propagandist who opposes that project? I am sure an equally convincing advertisement for Mark Begich would be produced for a similar fee.

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