Tweet of the day: Men lead ‘Choose Respect’ rallies

I give kudos for Gov. Sean Parnell for the campaign, but this was truly an oversight, particularly since four women are members of his cabinet.



4 thoughts on “Tweet of the day: Men lead ‘Choose Respect’ rallies

  1. Samuel Abney

    More kudoz for more hype and lip service to a incredible humanitarian issue? How does he get kudoz? He’s an embarrassment and abominator. Ten bucks say he’s never even been close to any dv situation ever.

  2. Jon K

    This issue does require a lot more than just marches. And that is why the Parnell administration’s Choose Respect initiative also focused on safety (more troopers and VPSOs), reforming bail statutes, victim services, and education. Parnell’s initiative isn’t perfect – there isn’t enough funding for victim services and it doesn’t include enough focus on recidivism, but the Governor does realize that we need to do more than march. That said, raising public awareness, like the MADD campaign, is critical. This epidemic cannot be eliminated by government action alone. Individuals and communities need to do everything they can to make kids and women safe from domestic violence and sexual assault.

  3. Mae

    So all these people are getting paid? And they work for Parnell?

    And yeah, there are very few gals in Parnell’s staff.


    I tire of those that are all talk and little action.
    Is this a photo op for Parnell?

    Perps choose victims, choosing respect is the last thing on their mind.


    Go figure. This makes about as much sense as the marches themselbves do. Domestic violence is an important issue that needs a lot more than a symbolic press/photo opportunity once a year. I’d like to know from Gill Walker and Byron Mallott what they would do in this area if they were Governor?

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