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  1. DB Cooper

    Clearly an article planted by the Begich team to test the waters on running for mayor. Yes he is a union and real estate developer lackey here in Anchorage..without question and therefore carries a great deal of those votes. However, after his poor performance as a senator and leaving anchorage swimming in debt after leaving the mayors office, it’s delusional to think the could win in April. It looks like desperation and is in fact desperation to try for the mayors office. Lastly, the comments on ADN were overwhelmingly anti Begich and if that leaked article was a litmus, the answer is ever presently clean once again.

  2. Jen

    Billiam, Hasquet and the other droopy Begich groupies, like Begich himself, are having a hard time accepting the fact that he lost. The question begs, why does the guy even want to represent a state that requires him to lie, spin and present himself something other than he is (a flaming union-owned liberal). Pretending to be something other than he is, as he has for the past six years, to curry favor with a more moderate/conservative electorate doesn’t seem like something a rational person would want to do.
    Re Billiam’s revisionist history on Begich’s time as mayor: I remember things differently. I remember a city leader of moral decay. I remember Mayor Begich as being the best man at his bagman’s wedding who later was convicted and went to jail. I remember a mayor who left the city in a financial mess. Really not interested in returning to that.
    On another note, I expect that we’ll see more of Begich however. The mayor’s race aside, Begich has other options in the next four years: two shots at a congressional seat, a shot at Lisa Murkowski’s senate seat, and the governorship in four years. You can bet he’ll take a run at one of them. The mayor’s race is nice to speculate about but probably inst in the cards.

  3. joe blow

    So … if Begich won Anchorage by 3,000 votes and he lost by 6,000 …. where did that margin come from? We know Begich carried Southeast, traditionally Democrat, and he carried the Bush big thanks to the Best Ground Game Ever. Factor in those and that’s at least a 10,000 vote edge. So what’s left, Fairbanks, the Valley and Kenai? They had enough votes to swing 16,000? Seems unlikely.

  4. Billiam

    You seem to have poor reading skills. I said 1). The Koch Brothers spent millions saying Begich was a bad mayor 2). Begich won Anchorage. 3). Begich had many accomplishments.
    I am correct on all of my points. Thank you.

  5. AH HA

    @Billiam You seem to have forgotten that Harry Reid and Tom Steyer out spent the Koch Brothers by quite a bit in support of Begich.

  6. Billiam

    I’m “Pretty sure” you’re wrong, Melky. Check the math. The Koch Brothers spent millions trashing Begich and he still won Anchorage. Facts are stubborn things, Melky.

  7. Billiam

    Begich did win a majority of Anchorage precincts and he beat in Sullivan in total votes. He was an amazing mayor. As Hasquet said, you can hate if you like but the truth is our city flourished under his leadership. The Dena ‘Ina center, more roads in 5 years than the last 5 mayors combined, Lake Otis and Tudor, 3 new fire stations, Bass Pro Mall (was a former hazmat site and is now a productive retail site), 87 additional cops (Sullivan let the positions go empty and we have gunfire and riots every weekend downtown), and the list goes on. Learn the facts, folks.

  8. meg

    I think you are wrong. Begich won the Municipality of Anchorage. I have 55,611 for Begich and 52,575 for Sullivan. And that is even with much better turnout for Sullivan in the reliably conservative districts compared to the turnout for Begich in the reliably more moderate areas. Sullivan won because of Fairbanks, Wasilla and Kenai.

  9. andy mattoon scott

    Funkmeister dave,

    Don’t you miss the days when we would bash Begich for whatever stupid thing he did recently and Julie would call in and rant for ten minutes. She had more excuses and dodges than her boss, and that’s saying something.

    The parental style lectures, the bombastic bitching….it was like being a child in the fifties. I do not miss Mommie Dearest and her sycophantic Begichism simpatico. I am so glad those days are gone, like Carol said ” its too late baby, though we really tried to make it”.

    Moving forward does not include bringing Begich back, and especially his lefty admirers like Julie.

  10. Melky

    I’m pretty sure that Begich won the majority of Muni precincts but Sullivan actually won the total vote count in the Muni.

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