Tweet of the day: #AKSEN

Well, here’s one way to welcome in the next U.S. Senator from Alaska:

Some might have chosen a more humble, more statesman’s like approach in 140 characters, particularly when the party’s gubernatorial ticket’s central message is unity, and it would appear that unity is what the public craves. So for the sake of the party, whose message I’m often highly sympathetic to, let me suggest that the next tweet read something like this:

“Votes still being counted. Regardless of outcome and differences hope we can work together for the betterment of the state and country.”


18 thoughts on “Tweet of the day: #AKSEN

  1. Tom Bedett

    All the votes will be counted. Sullivan heading to Washington now does not mean that the process of counting votes stops. You know that already of course. If he had waited until the election is certified at the end of the month, you would probably be blasting him for not acting and trying to get on certain Senate Committees when he had the opportunity. There is no winning with those who are so full of hate, so why even try. Your emotion has gotten ahead of your intellect, assuming you had any to begin with.

    By the way, Begich went back to Washington before every vote was counted in 2008. I suppose that was okay though. Hypocrite.

  2. Mae

    This tweet is bad, but not waiting for all ALASKANS vote isn’t?

    Must be a republican thing.

    Seriously, what is wrong with showing respect for everyone’s vote? Unless your so lower 48 that rural Alaska and their votes don’t mean squat.
    Way to go L48 Dan. Your idea of choosing respect is right on cue with your Interests.

  3. Leslie

    This tweet represents everything that the Alaska Democratic Party isn’t. For example they lack class, humility, grace, adroitness, dignity and propriety.

  4. Frablin Street Flyer

    Ouch. This was relatively uncalled for and embarrassing. Did Zach Fields do this? Someone needs to make an apology.

  5. Derp

    Good winners are a dime a dozen, but I guess good losers are still hard to come by. I understand being upset and not reasoning well after losing an election.. but this is why you plan a break or vacation ahead of time, (or at least a 2 hour massage if you have to be a count observer) for afterwards.

  6. AH HA

    I’ve heard a lot of different folks can Ms. Moore a lot of different things. But, Stateswoman?

    You cannot be serious.

  7. Mike

    I’m too busy laughing at how much of a sh!t storm this is probably causing over at the democrats office. Zach Fields’ career is over.

  8. Andy

    Actually, according to certain ousted incumbents, the folks who did not vote agree with their actions, hence they should stay in office. The silent, non-voting majority would have voted them in if they just showed up.

    Not only is this delusional, I would say it reflects the minds of megalomaniacal egos that can’t admit they are wrong in the mind of the voter. But wait, maybe Markie knows he has fraudulent bush votes yet to be counted. Spoiled children get what they want, but Pee Wee can’t cajole the voting process
    into retroactively electing him, like he did with a self-proclaimed majority of 45% vote in the bad old days.

    Mark got thumped because he deserved to be thumped. Lets move forward to reality, the lefty rainbows and butterflies are costing me a fortune.

  9. Gene

    Thank you, Amanda, for this post. The AK Dems could send a strong message of poise and class by toning down the rhetoric, especially when it appears that more Alaskans voted for the “spoiled child” than their candidate. The election is over. Lose with grace.

  10. Oscar

    There never was any Unity to begin with. It was a union of expediency and of fear of Parnell, so let’s get over what some people perceive as an eternal campfire sing along. The D’s and many of us who voted Begich will have to lick the wounds inflicted by the victory of someone who appears to have had the office purchased for him and whose record of working for Alaska — a whopping five years — leaves much to be desired. I want to return to the good old days of legislative coalitions and people who cared more about the state and the country than their party and their hatred. After than I want world peace and no more puppy mills.

  11. Brandon Wall

    The Alaska democrats should take note of Forrest Dunbar. That guy handled his loss with class. He complimented Young’s performance in the last two weeks of the campaign and expressed optimism that Young would represent Alaska well in the next two years. I’m very impressed with that young man.

  12. Girdwood Gal

    The Democrats seem to be evolving into the Party of Hate. They hate Parnell. They hate oil. And now, they hate Dan Sullivan. I think they hate themselves for falling out of grace with the rank and file of Alaskans.
    This is sour, rank partisanship at its best. Wait until they find out what they got from Walker. I am so tired of the harsh negativism that the Democrats have so embraced. I appreciate you slapping them for their gross tweet.



  14. Just a sign holder

    Mike Westrup would do well to to heed the words of Alaska stateswoman Shannyn Moore, who noted just this past Sunday that “the lesson in this election is that most Alaskans want a less partisan, less ideological approach to our politics.”

    This state party tweet, like several other similar ones during the cycle, falls short of that goal and makes compromise and bipartisan solutions even harder to reach. Begich understood the benefits of bipartisanship, the Alaska Democratic party needs a reminder that words have actions.

  15. CPG49

    The spoiled child is the Alaska Democratic party and Markie “I’m not gonna be a two-termer” Begich. This tweet represents everything wrong with the Democrats. They don’t even believe their own shit. You’re right, Amanda. What happened to the unty concept? What an immature response. So glad Begich is gone. Hard to imagine life without a compulsive liar in our congressional delegation.

  16. Straitlaced Radical

    For this party, “unity” is nothing more than a political ploy. The only surprise is anyone believing they actually ever meant it. If Walker holds his lead and doesn’t govern the way they want, the honeymoon will be short, and they’ll throw him over for a true partisan Democrat in the next election cycle in a heartbeat.

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