What the fuss over Obamacare is really all about

Obamacare Time magazine hones in on what the fuss over Obamacare is all about and what, apparently, many politicians are afraid of:

“Only those without affordable employer-based insurance will be able to shop in the exchanges, meaning federal officials expect only 3 percent of the those who will have insurance in 2014, or 7 million people, will get it via a state exchange. Despite their relatively small size, the exchanges will signify the first real opportunity for many uninsured Americans to access comprehensive, affordable insurance coverage that won’t discriminate against those with pre-existing conditions.”

Basically, they’re afraid that people who aren’t lucky enough to work for companies that offer health insurance will be able to afford it on the private market.

It should be noted that Gov. Sean Parnell, along with all those in Congress who are against healthcare reform, including Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Rep. Don Young, get affordable employer-based insurance that doesn’t discriminate against them or their families if they have pre-existing conditions. And it’s paid for by our tax dollars.


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