Inside Edition gives taste of new Palin reality show

Palin spotsman imageAs many might have heard, the Sportsman Channel, which picked up the rights to the Iditarod, is also featuring a new Sarah Palin reality show, entitled, “Amazing America With Sarah Palin.” The show is debuting in April and is described like this: “Mrs. Palin will take us nationwide to find the people and places that share and reflect her passion for what makes our country amazing.” Nice work if you can get it. (From at least one of show’s promo pics, it also appears that Palin has a new hairdo!)

If two months is too long to wait, you can get your fix on Inside Edition, which will be doing a little inside the filming thing in Wasilla for Palin’s 50th birthday. You can catch it at 4:30 on Tuesday on channel 5. Watch the promo here.

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5 thoughts on “Inside Edition gives taste of new Palin reality show

  1. AlaskaCodPiece

    Yes, Amanda, $arah changes hair do’s and boob sizes faster than you can say you betcha also too!

    The half term, half wit has to keep on griftin’ to feed her dysfunctional clan – now using ‘America’ as a prop, instead of Alaska.

    Todd does not have a job.
    Track does not have a job. (Too bad they don’t fish salmon at Bristol Bay any more.)
    Bristol does not have a job.
    Willow does not have a job.
    $arah is headquartered in AZ.
    What an inspirational, all American family!

  2. The Hairdresser From Homer

    Mae, great commentary. She embarrassed our state, was and is a terrible role model for our children and basically a bad human being. For all her relgious following, I bet most was scamper if they heard her string of expletives that she is known for. I feel bad being so critical and negative because it is against my naturre. She is just bad to the bone.

  3. Mae

    Thanks Quitter!
    More footage of how not to be for my kids.
    Although the offspring make for a better lesson in life’s learning moments.

  4. Franie

    Gag me. Who watches this. ? What are the demographics ?
    America is amazing. Its amazing that anyone would watch this !

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