Senate candidate Sullivan has more contributors than Dems say, but still not enough.

On Friday the Alaska Democratic Party put out a press release about the number of Alaskans who contributed to U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s campaign. The Dems, quoting the Alaska Dispatch, said that Sullivan’s fourth-quarter FEC report shows that he only had 130 Alaska contributors. This is evidence, they say, of Sullivan’s tepid support in this state. Sullivan’s from Ohio, and has been back and forth from Alaska to D.C. since 1997, and his challengers have been trying to paint him as a carpetbagger.

Raising nearly $1.3 million, Sullivan leads the money race among the GOP primary-race contenders, and although he doesn’t have as much money on hand, he outraised incumbent Sen. Mark Begich, who raised about $850,000 during the last quarter. Although the percentages of total funds raised inside and outside the state were about the same for both, the release pointed out that Begich had more than 1,100 Alaska contributions during the same period.

The truth, however, is more complicated. According to his campaign, Sullivan actually had 320 Alaska donors, but because unlike Begich, the campaign didn’t list donors who gave less than $250 $200, those people don’t show on the FEC report.

Too, Sullivan doesn’t have nearly the same name recognition as does Begich and entered the race two weeks into the filing period.

Still 320 Alaskan donations is a small number, and the campaign needs to be more effective in reaching out to Alaskans if it wants to be competitive against Begich. From what I can tell so far, Sullivan’s campaign is still focusing its attention on attracting large, out-of-state donors. It’s only released one web-based ad and doesn’t appear to be as acitve soliciting Alaska donors as his competitors.

Begich, in the meantime, is aggressively sending out numerous fundraising appeals. Additionally, his campaign  has aired several radio ads, and third-party groups, including the National Association of Realtors, the American Chemistry Council, and Bristol Bay Native Corp., are airing ads thanking Begich for his support.

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12 thoughts on “Senate candidate Sullivan has more contributors than Dems say, but still not enough.

  1. Make it Stop

    Hairdresser, Treadwell claims he is friends with Sarah and Miller has received Sarah’s blessing before. Who’s your choice?

  2. AlaskaCodPiece

    Anonymous: You are right about the disorganization of DNR Dan Sullivan’s campaign. His press releases are so amateurish. And so far, DNR Dan has said not much about nothing. He appears very uncomfortable talking about any issues important to Alaskans – let alone TO Alaskans. At least Treadwell is getting out to remote areas and talking to Alaskans and making a good impression even with those who don’t agree with him.

  3. melinda

    I really like this publication. I’ve always enjoyed politics but am not involved now as I use to be because I’m a mother of four that keep me hopping. Recently I called Sullivan’s headquarters and was looking for some information on his position related to meciare and social security because of some problems my mother has experienced. I spoke to one of his staff named Ben Moore who told me he would get back to me. He never did. So, when I see stories like this that show he is getting little support from Alaskans, I now understand better why that is. I was interested in his candidacy and while I didn’t get the info that I requested, I learned something far more valuable about his character from his staff that didn’t care enough or were courteous enough to even answer a simpn. Dan Sulliban just wants to be a senator and doesn’t care about the people who will vote for him potentially. He lost my vote. Now, I have to decide between Begich and Treadwell. Miller is not my cup of tea.

  4. The Hairdresser From Homer

    Dan Sullivan was Palin’s attorney general. That’s reason enough mot to vote for him. Whn I’m out with my liberal friends at the end of the road, I chuckle to myself that they sometimes are talking about how disorganized the Sullivan campaign is. To me I want no one associated with Palin and the memories of her administration.

  5. Anonymous

    Joe Sixpack isn’t paying attention to the senate race at this point. Most won’t really pay attention to August or even later. Here’s something to ponder : Sullivan may have lots of money; however, he has never run for anything. Likewise, his campaign manager hasn’t ever run a campiagn either. This IS a recipe for DISASTER! If anything, Sullivan selecting a neophyte is a true testament to what he doesn’t understand. As a political junkie, I can tell you Sullivan’s campaign from an organizational perspective is a joke. Of the four candidaytes, I would rank Sullivan’s campaign to be the least organized and the most inept. Treadwell and Miller seem to be tracking along and each have experiencetives helping to guide their campaign. Begich is the 800 pound gorrilla and has a well-oiled and competent campaign organization. Too early to bet much money but if someone gives you odds and you can take Begich, I’d say take the bet. If you want to bet on the republican primary, Miller is the best choice. Not sure if treadwell or Sullivan finishes second.

  6. AlaskaCodPiece

    When’s DNR Dan making some visits to Interior and coastal communities like the other candidates? We have a few questions we’d like to ask him about land and water rights in Alaska, and removing the public from the government process.

    He sure doesn’t strike people as the kind of fella who is comfortable outside of his very controlled, very scripted confines.

  7. Brad

    I agree with you, Roger. It’s going to take a lot of cash to challenge Mark Begich. Radio, TV, and print ads aren’t cheap. Without cash, Miller and Treadwell will be drowned out by Begich ads in the late summer and fall, the time when most voters start paying attention.

  8. Roger K.

    This seems like much to do about nothing. Don’t the donkeys have any real issues to discuss? Why do they waste so much time to such trivial matters ? Maybe its because they DO NOT want to deal with the real issues of the day. Maybe they don’t want to talk about how Begich voted with Obama 97% of the time. It’s time for a change.

  9. Golden Days

    Starting to seem like Afghan Dan can raise money by the buckets but doesn’t have much real in-state support. He’s not attracting local contributions as evidenced by this story. He doesn’t have any organization that I am aware of and there was little or any conversations about him in Fairbanks at the GOP meetinhgs this weekend. Fairbanks looked like Treadwell country.

  10. IGO

    It appears rather exploitive that the Alaska Democratic Party would base a press release on faulty reporting by the Alaska Dispatch. I can understand the Dispatch’s confusion and getting the story wrong; however,, you, I and anyone who’s been around federal campaigns more than a week knows, including the AK Democratic Party, that the reports only require names for amounts over $250. I suspect that Begich, being a politician, lists everyone from AK by name to obliterate the fact that 80% plus of the contributions usually come from out of state. Maybe other campaigns should take note from Begich. After all, he’s the best campaigner of the lot. I get solicitations , via email and snail mail, all the time from Begich and Treadwell. I get more solicitations from senate candidates running in other states than I get from Sullivan. I appreciate you fact checking and setting the record straight.

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