Anchorage Press breaks story on confidential military report on lt. col. in National Guard

David Holthouse, editor of the Anchorage Press, broke yet another highly damning story about the Alaska National Guard. Holthouse somehow got a hold of a confidential military report that focused on Lt. Col. Joseph R. Lawendowski, who is the guard’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Training. The March 3 report says that he was recommended for “other than honorable” discharge, for, among other things, allowing “recruiters to sexually assault and harass female soldiers, recruits and civilians,” while he was commander of the Alaska Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Battalion (RRB).

And there’s more, including the fact that Lawendowski was the owner of a pornography company and co-founder of an “’end times’ fundamentalist group. Read the must-read here.


15 thoughts on “Anchorage Press breaks story on confidential military report on lt. col. in National Guard

  1. Mae

    One would think, that the good things the choose respect CAMPAIGN does, is general operating procedure.

    Leave it to PARNELL to turn it into a 12 foot banner so he and his cronies can and do stand behind for the cameras.

    By the way Jon K, you are addressing someone in the village.

  2. Jon K

    Mae, tell that to all of the villages that now have new VPSOs, or the battered women that now have attorneys representing them, or the shelters that received extra money, or the communities that got troopers. The choose respect campaign has also heightened awareness across this state about an awful epidemic.

    Yes it looks like parnell screwed up. Big time. But to say that these failures mean that the choose respect campaign is some meaningless PR stunt is simply wrong.

    You sound just as obnoxious as those who said Obamacare is a govt takeover of health care.

  3. Mae

    That whole Choose Respect thing IS a campaign photo op for PARNELL and his cronies.

    This whole “scandal” isn’t a scandal at all, but a culture of accepted sex abuse.

  4. Lynn Willis

    Well, Jon we agree on that. This scandal is now looking more like a cancer on the organization. I can only imagine the impact now on unit effectiveness. “Plausible deniability”, displacement of responsibility, and tepid responce by leadership in the Executive, and Legislative branches is not going to work any longer.

  5. Lynn Willis

    My God! Keep telling me there is no need for a state and or federal special prosecutor. Tell me there is no need to immediately end allowing the State Commissioner of Military and Veterans affairs to also wear the uniform of a two star General Officer? Remind me that there is no need for future legislative oversight of this department. Apparently a General from Connecticut with a few like thinkers is all we need now.

  6. Garand Fellow

    I certainly agree that these people should be in prison. This certainly for me disgraces the US Army National Guard and the US Army. There is no honor in this for anyone. All of us paying taxes to the US government are being duped and defrauded.

  7. birchstick

    Scathing doesn’t even begin to describe this.

    Parnell is like Roger Goodell in this arrangement, tolerating (or even promoting) a culture of corruption, criminality, and abuse towards women.

  8. Alaska Cod Piece

    Parnell took over this mess from Palin and, like her, turned a blind eye. At the least, Parnell should “choose respect” and step down from his office. He has become the shame of Alaska. The history of and complicity of this sordid saga is disgraceful. Parnell should be arrested and run out of Alaska.
    Speechless, also too.

  9. speechless

    After reading this report I am speechless. The activities in this report are felonies…criminal acts that appear to be condoned at the highest levels. These people should be in prison.

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