Congressional candidate Forrest Dunbar wins creative-video-of-the-season award

Democrat Forrest Dunbar is only 29 years old. But he’s clerked for former Sen. Frank Murkowski. He’s been in the Peace Corp, has a Yale Law degree, a master’s from Harvard Kennedy School, is a first lieutenant in the Alaska National Guard, and is now running against Rep. Don Young. And he’s made the video below, which has to be the campaign season’s most creative so far.

Note: The song which Dunbar’s playing off is the 1986 hit “Your Love.” A hit in frat houses all across the country, it is sung from the point of view of a lout trying to get a girl to cheat with him while his girlfriend “Josie” is out of town.


8 thoughts on “Congressional candidate Forrest Dunbar wins creative-video-of-the-season award

  1. stephanie

    You’re right as this is the best political ad so far. We need more politicians who have a sense of humor. This certainly caught my attention and now I want to learn more about him and what he stands for. It might be time for a change. Young has done a good job but maybe its time to shake things up. I’m probably in too.

  2. wc

    Ha! Catchy video, and seems like a great candidate. 29 isn’t that young, and Don isn’t as effective as he used to be. I’m in too!

  3. Mae

    Forrest, my kids actually think Frank the Bank didn’t hold congressional office.
    They never heard any of his accomplishments while there.

  4. Lynn Willis

    Perhaps it is time to pass the torch Don. Refreshing young candidate with a impressive resume. Will be only 1 of 435 Representatives so why not start the seniority ladder climb now? His website claims his issues include Alaska resource development, campaign finance reform, and education costs which are legitimate issues for Alaskans. Would like to see something about spending and deficit reduction- but that is not a serious issue with any incumbents or most candidates regardless of party affiliation

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