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Young far out raises Democrat Dunbar: Where are the national Dems?

U. S Rep. Don Young reported raising $131,258 in the 2nd quarter of this year, which runs from April until the end of June. He spent $236,784, leaving him with $589,812 cash on hand. His challenger, Democrat Forrest Dunbar, raised $36,500 during the same time period and has $30,603 cash on hand.

Dunbar, a first-time candidate, mined the numbers for some good news. Most of his money has come from 303 individual donors, and about 90 percent of it from Alaska donors, his campaign said. In contrast, Dunbar says that only about 20 percent of Young’s money has come from Alaskans and that “the vast majority” has come from lobbyists and federally-registered PACs.

It’s not surprising that Young would out raise Dunbar. What might be surprising about the numbers Continue reading


Cue the campaign music videos

As far as I know, Forrest Dunbar, the Democrat running for Rep. Don Young’s seat, is the first candidate of this season to use a music video as a campaign tool. Even though “Your Love,” the song that he remixed, brought back certain mixed memories for some of us–peach schnapps, Izod shirts with upturned collars, the Iran-Contra scandal — it worked to get him some attention. And who can forget this faux-folk song from Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s write-in race?  The one below is aimed at Sen. Mark Begich. I don’t know who it came from or whether it will stick. But some of it is a little clever.



Democratic congressional candidate Dunbar’s new creative webad

Below is Democratic congressional candidate Forrest Dunbar’s most recent web ad, which, like his previous one, is an attention-grabber. Dunbar is running against Rep. Don Young, the longest serving Republican in Congress. In the last ad, Dunbar played off of the 1980s rock song, “Your Love.” In this one, Dunbar aims a gun at what has been known as Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget, which Rep. Don Young supported and which Dunbar has previously written about. It’s always hard to find a Democrat to run against Young, and from his resume at least, Dunbar looks pretty impressive. He is a former clerk for Sen. Frank Murkowski. He’s been in the Peace Corps, has a Yale Law degree, a master’s from Harvard Kennedy School, is a first lieutenant in the Alaska National Guard, and, as the ad demonstrates, has good aim. The ad will remain on YouTube for now. As of March, Dunbar raised $42,740, and has about $20,000 cash on hand. As of March, Young had about $695,000 on hand. Dunbar’s campaign has recently written to Young’s campaign, asking to set a schedule for debates.


Congressional candidate Forrest Dunbar wins creative-video-of-the-season award

Democrat Forrest Dunbar is only 29 years old. But he’s clerked for former Sen. Frank Murkowski. He’s been in the Peace Corp, has a Yale Law degree, a master’s from Harvard Kennedy School, is a first lieutenant in the Alaska National Guard, and is now running against Rep. Don Young. And he’s made the video below, which has to be the campaign season’s most creative so far.

Note: The song which Dunbar’s playing off is the 1986 hit “Your Love.” A hit in frat houses all across the country, it is sung from the point of view of a lout trying to get a girl to cheat with him while his girlfriend “Josie” is out of town.