Cue the campaign music videos

As far as I know, Forrest Dunbar, the Democrat running for Rep. Don Young’s seat, is the first candidate of this season to use a music video as a campaign tool. Even though “Your Love,” the song that he remixed, brought back certain mixed memories for some of us–peach schnapps, Izod shirts with upturned collars, the Iran-Contra scandal — it worked to get him some attention. And who can forget this faux-folk song from Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s write-in race?  The one below is aimed at Sen. Mark Begich. I don’t know who it came from or whether it will stick. But some of it is a little clever.



9 thoughts on “Cue the campaign music videos

  1. Katie

    Maybe the speakers are bad on my laptop, but I could barely understand what the woman was saying–words were all mushed together and impossible to hear. Some better annunciation is needed if this group wants their attack to land in any meaningful way.

  2. Anonymous

    Alaskans pronounce his name 2 different ways. I have heard “Beg-itch” and “Bay-gitch” Are you kidding me? Are you one of the geniuses who thinks Alaskans are superior? Is that your one take-away? Gee, you are as clever as Mae. Least clever kids in the class.

  3. Emily R.

    Let’s see you annunciate and hit those notes at the same time, let alone say Begich’s Croatian name.

  4. Dunsmore

    Am I the only one who noticed the singer mispronounces Begich’s name? I don’t think an Alaskan would have made that mistake.

  5. Anonymous

    Mae…always the intelligent, articulate and inspiring, critically-thinking, astute person on this platform. Not. How sad.

  6. Mae


    Poooor. Republicans have GOT to have a sense of humor.
    Considering. This. Is. Alaska. And it’s chock full of republicans with not much else to put forward.

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