Controversial blogger has sights set on Alaska Senate race

Below are some recent tweets from the controversial blogger Charles C. Johnson, who has worked for Senate candidate Mead Treadwell’s campaign and who is currently at the center of the Mississippi Senate race mess. As I wrote earlier, Johnson worked on Treadwell’s campaign to help prepare him for the debates this summer. I also wrote that it’s unclear how much more Johnson would be involved. From his tweets, it’s clear that he intends to be very involved, particularly if he continues to raise money. Read some of those tweets below:

And my favorite comment from the site today about the original story:

Oh come on, give it a break. All these people commenting “I was voting for Mead but now will never.. I’m just so appalled” are just wannabe Chuck Johnsons working for Sullivan. I don’t mind the ruthless mudslinging so much, but the false holier than thou approach really gets to me.


7 thoughts on “Controversial blogger has sights set on Alaska Senate race

  1. lolz train

    Dan gets things done! Like… quitting his job to run for office!

    Or did you have something else in mind that he himself told you about?

  2. Vet 49

    Johnson is obviously a sick bastard. Treadwell is a disgusting bastard. They deserve each other.
    Obviously Treadwell has no shame.

  3. Twig

    This Charles Johnson guy can be characterized in one word : LOSER.
    If Treadwell has any sense, he’ll be running from this clown as fast as he can.
    This whole Johnson thing would be hilarious if you didn’t realize how pathetic, hateful and sad it is.
    The dude seems mentally disturbed.

  4. Ellie

    Charles Johnson appears to be a sick minded, beligerent racist craving attention. He is disgusting. You missed some of his more abhorent tweets like….”America’s success at soccer seems to correlate with the growing acceptance of homosexuality. Coincidence? I think not.”
    What kind of person says things like this or makes fun of a suicide? This says a lot about Mr. Johnson and the company Mr. Treadwell keeps. Quit giving the fool attention.

  5. Old Chubby Fellow

    Mead IS THE WORST!

    Dan is the BEST candidate, how is this still even a race?! Dan gets stuff done, Mead sits in think tanks, & Joe lies! Really?!

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