Little talked about governor hopeful J.R. Myers also has music video

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece about candidates making music videos for their campaigns. I said that as far as I knew, Forrest Dunbar, the Democrat running for Rep. Don Young’s seat, was the first candidate of this season to use a music video as a campaign tool. I was wrong. Alaska Constitution Party candidate J.R. Myers, a counselor from Haines, was the first, as he reminded me in a comment on the music video post. Neither Myers nor his party get a lot of media attention, as third party candidates tend not to. But he’s interesting, in a greeny, lefty, tea partesque, pro-development kind of way. He’s a pro-life Christian with a deep environmental streak, and aside from Gov. Sean Parnell, Myers is the only gubernatorial candidate that I know of who is against repealing the oil tax legislation. “Alaska needs to present a stable and disciplined fiscal environment,” he said recently.  “We have had enough economic chaos and reckless spending. We need to stabilize the tax structure.” Go figure. And then there’s this video: 


4 thoughts on “Little talked about governor hopeful J.R. Myers also has music video

  1. Derp

    Thanks- I was convinced Lesil’s was awful too, at first- (possibly the most awful thing I’d ever seen), until I found myself singing it in my head the next day. I also had not seen or understood the dumb ways to die video before watching, and so the slowly swaying cartoons seemed somewhat demonic at the time; instead of humorous as others seemed to find them

  2. Twig

    Derp – you’re good dude. Your memory is like a lock. Couldn’t agree more : Lesil’s music video had to be the worst, not only in Alaska, but in the whole country.

  3. Derp

    Great videography, and once you get past the giggle factor of him singing, he’s got a nice voice. Looks like music videos are 2/2 so far (dunbars being pretty good) and 3/3 if you like and count Lesil’s dumb ways to die parody.

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