EPA chief McCarthy apologizes after saying Alaska moose meat gift ‘could gag a maggot’

From the Wall Street Journal, on EPA chief Gina McCarthy’s comments while in Alaska meeting with Bristol Bay tribal groups about Pebble:

She has been surprised by the government’s ethics bureaucracy and its gift guidelines, remarking how officials chased her down for a dinky North Pole pin someone gave her at an event (“I threw the f—ing thing away,” she told them), and for a jar of moose meat that “could gag a maggot” she accepted from a little girl during a hearing in Alaska.

McCarthy offered an apology to the Alaskan delegation of the National Congress of American Indians at a conference in Washington, D.C., who appeared to grudgingly accept it.

GOP senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s campaign used the comments to bash Begich. “After 5 years in the Senate, Senator Begich’s inability to educate his democratic colleagues in Washington about the uniqueness of Alaska continues to be on full display,” Sullivan spokesman Mike Anderson said.

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12 thoughts on “EPA chief McCarthy apologizes after saying Alaska moose meat gift ‘could gag a maggot’

  1. outraged alaskan

    On first read I thougjt this was a spoof. Realizing that this did indeed happen is shocking. On further reflection, this epitomizes the Obama administration. This is the administration that Mark Begich supports 97% of the timeged by McCarthy’s comments, Begich’s support of the administration and think its time to make changes. I am a non-partisan registered voter who is pledging to vote a straight republican ticket come November.

  2. Garand Fellow

    We now know we had no business sending an Obama ally to the US Senate in place of Senator Ted Stevens. This filthy Boston b___ needs to be told off by Lisa and Don! And then we need to defeat Mark Begich, the Obama defender from Alaska.

  3. Alaskans Against McCarthy

    I agree that EPA Director McCarthy’s behavior is unacceptable. I am deeply distuirbed tht none of our congressional delegation has called for her removal from office. I will not vote for either Mark Begich or Don Young this year unless they write the President calling for McCarthy’s removal from office. Same holds true that I will not vote for Lisa Murkowski in 2016 unless she does the same. We deserve and demand better. I urge all of you who read this to write the President and request McCarthy’s removal from the EPA.

  4. Tok resident

    Gina McCarthy is not fit for office. Her comments shpuld not be tolerated. This wasn’t a slip of the tonhue or an honest mistake. This was a clear statement of arrogance, insensitivity, ungratefulness and lack of respect. Where is Senator Begich’s outrage? Where is the President’s outrage ? Or ois simply a slap to a small minority that will be tolerated because there isn’t a huge voting block? A wrong is a wrong. Her comments show me that she has no class. The moose meat was a gift from a family that involved a lot of work: hunting, packing the meat out, butchering, processing and finally canning the meat. It was a thoughtful and kind gift that was presented by a little girl. The response from a public official like this sickens me. You can bet that former Ted Stevens would not have tolerated it for one second. We wouldn’t have to prod him to come to the defense of Alaskans. Its time for a new senator.

  5. Florence Kenney

    The worm will turn as it has always done. There is a time coming when we , as Native Alaskans , will be asked to aid and assist the Caucasians in our lives. We will not hesitate to do all in our power , and using what resources and experience we have , to help them weather the difficult times foretold. This is who we are and this is what we do. We share and we care. P. S . Some of our delicacies are fermented and composted . Some of theirs allows a certain percentage of insect parts and rat feces . I am quitting while I am ahead , and I really don’t know what you’ve gotten out of this message.

  6. JoBo1991

    The democratic party gives us “gifts” like Obamma, Begich, Gara and the EPA director. In November, we can and should make a change. Begich should demand her firing and Obama should see to it. Don’t hold your breath. These elitists see nothing wrong with such arrogant disgusting behavior. At least you understand how. And why EPA is so bad.

  7. 357

    The EPA has been screwing Alaska since Obama became President with Begich’s support. Now, the EA Administrator has the adacity to ridicule and criticize two small gifts from Alaskans. Ted Stevens, who fought for Alaska, would have never tolerated such an insult. We need a fighter in our corner. Begich has proven to be anything but a fighter. He takes his marching orders from the enviros. Its time for a new senator.

  8. Independent voter

    Sullivan’s comments are spot on. Can you imagine the wrath Ted Stevens would have bestowed on such an insensitive government bureaucrat ! Begich coddles and supports these people while they continue to ruin our state’s economy and tolerates their insensitivity to our cultures and ways of life. Begich should demand the President fire this individual.

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